Covid FAQs

Refund FAQs

How are refunds being managed?

Where we cancel a customer’s package holiday because it can’t be provided, we will issue the refund within 14 days of cancellation, in full and in cash. Once it is clear that a booking can no longer go ahead, we will be in touch with the customer to explain the next steps involved in order for them to either change the dates of their holiday (if applicable) or to claim their refund.

We remain committed to refunding customers within 14 days of their holiday being cancelled, even if we have not yet received the refund for the flight back from the airline ourselves, despite this being the airline’s legal obligation.

How can I claim a refund for any extra costs associated with my flight?

If you have paid your airline for any extras (for example priority boarding or additional luggage) then these will have been paid using your own payment card and the cost should have been refunded directly to you. If you have not yet received a refund for these extra costs then you will need to speak to your airline.

Customer Protection FAQs

What will my travel insurance cover?

It's always extremely important to take out travel insurance whenever you plan to travel. In regards to Coronavirus, you should refer to the individual policy of insurers to check if you're covered.

If you have an On the Beach travel insurance policy please see our dedicated FAQs page for a complete breakdown of your coverage.

Am I covered by ATOL?

If you have booked a flight-inclusive package holiday, you are financially covered by ATOL.