Covid FAQs

Following the government announcement on 17th September, and due to the fast-moving nature of the situation, this information may be out of date. Further updates are expected on Monday 4th October. Please check the relevant FCDO page for up to date information on your destination. If you have any questions, please get in touch via the message us function of 'My Bookings'.

General FAQs

Is my holiday destination Green, Amber or Red, and what does that mean?

On our COVID-19 Destination Updates page we have compiled all of our top holiday destinations along with their categorisation according to the traffic light system.

Based on the Coronavirus data from each country, destinations will be classed as Green, Amber or Red, with specific quarantine and testing requirements associated with each category. This information may change frequently and we will endeavour to ensure that the page is kept up-to-date, however we would always recommend that you check the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office website before you travel, as well as the International Air Traffic Association website for specific local guidelines.

My destination is amber - is my holiday going ahead?

For more information on the traffic light system, as well as a list of all destinations and their colour rating, please visit our COVID-19 Destination Updates page.

My holiday is going ahead - what do I need to know?

We're excited to get you back on the beach, and want to make sure you're fully prepared for anything that may have changed since you last travelled.

We've created a useful page highlighting what you can expect when travelling, which lays out any requirements or documentation you may need to be aware of, as well as provides some handy detail around the different COVID-19 tests you may require.

You can also find answers to common questions in the Planning for your holiday section of the FAQs below.

Can I change the dates on my booking?

If you have concerns about a future booking, it may be possible to change the dates of your holiday. To do so, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into the 'My Bookings' section of the website
  2. Click 'Manage'
  3. Click 'Request a change'
  4. Click 'Change dates'
  5. Select your preferred new travel dates and click 'Submit'

Once you've submitted you date change request, our agents will arrange your booking and send through confirmation as well as your new travel documents. Please be aware, however, that we do not set the prices for flights or hotels, as these are set by the airlines and hoteliers respectively. Therefore any price increase to dates being changed is as result of the pricing policies of these suppliers and not On the Beach. Rest assured that if there is a price increase between you booking and your holiday being confirmed, one of our agents will call you to discuss.

If you need to change your holiday destination, we can look into this for you. Simply follow the above steps to send us a message via the 'Making a change', then 'I wish to change the destination of my holiday' option.

How do I know if my flight is cancelled?

The operations and service teams have been working around the clock to update our systems with the flight cancellations as the airlines move through their forward programmes and notify the cancellation of any flights that are not operating. Whilst these are updated in system, any balance payments are suspended as we work out whether each holiday is proceeding as planned. Where the flights are confirmed cancelled then you will be notified via outbound email and we can begin the process of commencing the application for a refund.

Will I need to quarantine when I return to the UK?

Quarantine requirements will vary depending on whether your chosen destination has been designated as Green, Amber or Red.


For more detailed information on the testing and quarantine requirements within each category, please see the Global Travel Taskforce report or the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website.

How can I get tested before I travel?

Many destinations will currently require you to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test taken before arrival. To find out more about the different testing options available to you, visit our COVID-19 testing before you travel page.

Please note that you must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test to travel to England from abroad. Please see the government website for more information.

What happens if a member of my party tests positive for COVID-19 before we are due to return to the UK?

If you or a member of your party tests positive for COVID-19 before you are due to return to the UK, please contact your insurance provider immediately. If you have an On the Beach travel insurance policy please see our dedicated FAQs page for a complete breakdown of your coverage.

Additionally, we ask that you always comply with instructions given to you by the local health authorities. For the latest advice please visit the FCDO website.

What is the UK Government's position on cancellations?

On the government’s website they reference the following when advising how travel companies use the FCDO advice:

“Travel companies and airlines often take our advice into account but the decision to cancel or reschedule a flight, holiday, tour or excursion is a decision that can only be taken by the travel company and the customer. The question of refunds is a matter that must be resolved between the customer and the relevant airline, tour operator or travel agent. We don’t dictate when travel can or can’t take place.” (Source: