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Gumbet Holidays


13 Dec 2016

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When going on Turkey holidays, you want some peace and quiet, right? Well, where better to find that than in the secluded bay of Gumbet, to the west of Bodrum, one of Turkey's busiest beaches. Gumbet's close proximity to the bustle of Bodrum and the own relatively subdued ambience mean the best of both worlds, just because Gumbet is a tranquil spot doesn't preclude brilliant nightlife and lot's of fun!

So why wait - with On The Beach you can arrange bargain holidays to Gumbet and be at this glorious seafront in six hours!

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Gumbet Weather

Gumbet has an enviable climate with summer temperatures soaring up to over 30° Celsius. There's very little rain for most of the year except on occasional winter day. A warm breeze from the Aegean keep you fresh despite the heat. Even in the middle of winter temperatures in Gumbet average a mild 10 to 15° Celsius. Get the sunscreen ready!

Climate 4
Jan 13ºC
Climate 2
Feb 15ºC
Climate 2
Mar 16ºC
Climate 2
Apr 18ºC
Climate 2
May 21ºC
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Jun 24ºC
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Jul 27ºC
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Aug 27ºC
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Sep 25ºC
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Oct 20ºC
Climate 4
Nov 16ºC
Climate 4
Dec 13ºC


When compared with Bodrum, Gumbet may be the quieter beach, but it's also without doubt the superior. Gumbet's sands may be man-made but they're also unparalleled for the seascapes they afford of the sprawling, azure Bodrum peninsula. To fully appreciate this, tear yourself away from the beach and to travel up to the nearby Roman amphitheatre on the hill for gorgeous sunset panoramas of the entire bay.

Things To Do on Gumbet Holidays

Being so close to Bodrum, you should make a point of visiting a few of the world famous attractions, such as King Mausolus' tomb - the first ever Mausoleum and Fifth Wonder of the Ancient World. The Museum of Underwater Archaeology offers you the chance to see millennia of maritime wonders including Hellenistic shipwrecks and classical-era armouries. And that's not counting one of the largest open-air museums in the world, the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus.

But you don't need to travel because Gumbet has enough watersports, shops and boutiques to keep anyone occupied - not to mention that beach!


You're right next to amazing local cultures here, as you'll be able to tell from the daily prayers intonated sedately from across the town. Nearby towns such as Turgutreis and Yalikavak can be visited for their bakeries and shops, not to mention a taste of local fishing life.

Gumbet and Bodrum also have markets daily, selling everything from local antiques to fish, so get bartering!


You won't know where to turn here for a great night out. Should you go to Bodrum, with some of the finest late-opening bars, clubs and discos in the whole of Turkey? Or do you travel to the nearby Greek Island of Kos, where beach shacks and dance clubs proliferate beside the fine sands? Of course, that's assuming you don't just stay in Gumbet, with its myriad restaurants offering both local and world cuisine and literally hundreds of clubs along Bar Street. O the agony of choice!

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