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Alanya Holidays


21 Feb 2016

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Your Turkey holidays would simply not be complete without a visit to Alanya. The 'Place Where the Sun Smiles' basks not only in clement sunshine but also in a very long and distinguished history, and the city boasts some of the most ancient artefacts in all Turkey.

With On The Beach, all this is just six hour's flight away from you! Fly into the nearby city of Antalya, which is well worth a visit itself. Then it's just a quick transfer from the airport to the beach, and let your holidays to Alanya begin!

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Alanya Weather

Alanya prides itself as a sunny hotspot overlooking the Med, and it's astonishingly hot during the summer, reaching highs of 32° Celsius by August. Given Alanya's location, it's more temperate than unbearably warm, and there's some rain in the winter months, so a light cagoule might be in order then.

Even in the depths of winter though, the rainfall is broken by long sunny periods and the thermometer stays between 10° Celcius and 20° Celsius.

Jan 14ºC
Feb 14ºC
Mar 18ºC
Apr 22ºC
May 25ºC
Jun 27ºC
Jul 28ºC
Aug 28ºC
Sep 25ºC
Oct 23ºC
Nov 19ºC
Dec 16ºC


Alanya is secluded by the jaw-droppingly beautiful Taurus mountains, which remain snow-capped even in the most unremitting heat. 44 miles of heavenly coastline overlook the Mediterranean in all it's azure glory, so amble along the east side to Keykubat Beach to relax by the slowly-rising tide. Alternatively, traverse by the rocky peninsula that demarcates the city to Cleopatra and Damlatas Beaches, with their age-old caverns and surrounding greenery.

On a good clear day it is possible to see the northern coastline of nearby Cyprus from Alanya.

Things To Do on Alanya Holidays

Alanya is overflowing with all manner of unique sights, from the ancient monolithic cave abutting Damlatas Beach, famed for it's humid atmosphere and microclimate, to the thirteenth-century Seljuk Castle. You can travel back in time here, with Ottoman Empire villas proliferating within the ancient city walls, and medieval heraldry inside the museum at the Red Tower.

A short walk from the golden beach takes you beyond recorded history to the Alanya Museum, with millennia of archaeological artefacts for you and your family to view. This is the great thing about a holiday in Alanya; there are things to keep everyone happy!


Here you can sample any of the gastronomic delights that Turkey is justly famous for - sumptuous salads, seafood, world-class kebabs - try the skewered lamb. For some local life, you can take the City Tour around the bazaar, or explore the surrounding villages on a boat ride. Don't miss the exciting folk dances as well, which are on display in most of the tavernas. Alanya is also host to an annual Triathlon every October, worth seeing for the excited crowds it attracts!


Despite it's ancient history, it's in a relatively recent space of time that Alanya has truly expanded as a city - and with all those people, that means a vibrant nightlife! And it's all near the beach! The harbour is the hub of Alanyan entertainment, and that's where you can discover disco nights, late-opening bars and clubs, and even listen to live music in the innumerable pubs alongside the beach. There are a few places that don't close until sunset also, so if you are a night-owl, you're not missing out.

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