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Seychelles Holidays

Seychelles Holidays

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Find out more about the best things to do in Seychelles and let us build a bespoke package that’s perfectly suited to you!

Pristine white-sand beaches, bright turquoise waters and wild tropical rainforests – if someone told you to conjure up a picture of paradise, the Seychelles would be it. Spend your days relaxing on the beaches, snorkelling around the colourful coral reefs and exploring this stunning destination – and with 115 islands to explore, you’ll be sure to find your own slice of paradise.

If you’re looking for a beach holiday then look no further than the Seychelles, home to 115 islands – there sure is a lot of beach to discover. Think white powdery sands, dramatic backdrops and crystal-clear waters. With giant granite boulders, and fringed with lush forests and palm trees, the Seychelles is the epitome of picture-perfect beaches. Beau Vallon is probably the Seychelles’ best-known beach. Located on Mahé and in close proximity to a number of the islands’ hotels, this hugely popular beach offers shallow waters and a host of facilities. If you’re visiting La Digue, be sure to check out Anse Marron beach - large granite boulders create a natural protected pool here so it’s great for little ones, and if you’re heading out to Praslin be sure to take a trip to Anse Georgette with its bright turquoise waters and fine white sands.

Food & Drink
The cuisine in the Seychelles is hugely diverse with influences from India, China, Africa and France. If you like your seafood then you’re in for a treat here as the waters are teaming with marine life and provide the islands with some of the freshest seafood around. One of the most common ways to cook fish here is to simply season and grill on a BBQ to really show off the quality of the fish. If you’re not into your seafood then don’t worry as both vegetarian and meat dishes are also readily available. We recommend trying the satini – a spicy salad made with fruits and spices but be warned, it can be pretty hot!

Due to its position in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles have had many settlers over the years from neighbouring countries – making it a real melting pot of culture. Heavy African and European influences are shown through religion, art and music with Roman Catholicism being the predominant religion here. There’s also plenty of evidence of Islam, Hinduism and local faiths around the islands. Traditional Seychellois music is reflective of its African roots, with heavy drum beats and rhythmic tunes. You can witness this at one of the islands many parties where the locals perform traditional dances on the beach.

Depending on the island you are visiting, the nightlife in the Seychelles can vary. Smaller islands such as La Digue offer a relaxed vibe with laid-back bars and beachfront hangouts. With no large casinos or clubs, the hotels and resorts around the island are usually the places entertaining. Praslin and Mahé offer a little more variety with chic bars, quirky jaunts and a handful of clubs to keep you dancing until dawn.

Find out more about the best things to do in Seychelles and let us build a bespoke package that’s perfectly suited to you!
Important Information
Flight Time: 10hrs direct or 12hrs 30mins on average with a stopover.
Time Difference: +4hrs
Currency: Seychellois Rupee
Official Language: Predominantly Creole with English and French found frequently.

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Seychelles Weather

This beautifully sunny part of the world boasts a year-round warm climate with average highs sitting around 28-30C throughout the year. July and August see the slightly cooler temperatures while March and April are the hottest months with the mercury regularly tipping the scales at 31C. The driest months are Jun to August with December and January seeing the most rainfall, however, this is a tropical climate so expect short sharp bursts of rain that lead to wonderfully clear skies and fresh air.
Jan 27ºC
Feb 28ºC
Mar 29ºC
Apr 29ºC
May 28ºC
Jun 27ºC
Jul 26ºC
Aug 26ºC
Sep 27ºC
Oct 27ºC
Nov 26ºC
Dec 28ºC

Things To Do on Seychelles Holidays

Visit Curieuse Island
Home to many conservation projects, this island lets you see first-hand the amazing creatures that call these islands home. Walk through a mango forest, see the giant tortoises and check out the legendary coco de mer – a now protected variety of nut that is only licenced to be harvested and sold by a handful of people on the islands.

Snorkel in the clear seas
Warm sea temperatures and crystal-clear waters make for the most perfect snorkelling conditions. With hundreds of species of tropical marine life calling these waters home, you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse of many colourful creatures and corals.

Take a trip to the Takamaka Rum Distillery
Founded in 2002 by the d’Offay brothers, this traditional distillery is located in the plantation house at La Plaine St Andre. Walk the lush gardens before heading inside to learn about the intricate rum-making process that has become popular the world over – don’t forget to stop for lunch, prepared with local ingredients from the gardens.

Visit a coconut plantation
Coconuts are a big part of life in the Seychelles, used in everything from cooking to medicine. To make the most of this versatile nut, and creating a sustainable income, many coconut plantations are dotted across the islands. Learn about conservation, sustainability and, of course, try one fresh off the tree!


The people live a simple and unsophisticated life and thankfully, tourism is carefully controlled to help protect the unspoilt charm of the islands. The airport was only built in 1971, hence for centuries outside cultural influence remained at a minimum. This meant that the people have developed their own unique language and culture.

As for religion, the vast majority are Roman Catholic, with a mix of Anglican, Seventh Day Aventist and Muslim making up the remainder. Keep swimwear where it belongs, on the beaches, but casual clothing is the norm elsewhere.

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