30 Jun 2017

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Fethiye Hotels

One of Turkey's most pretty areas, Fethiye is located on the hillside of Mount Mendos, part of the Tourus Mountain chain. The typical climate for Fethiye are long, hot dry summers and short but warm winters, making this an ideal spot for your Turkey holidays.

One of the most popular tourist centres in Turkey, Fethiye aptly combines a fully functional working centre with the allure of a resort town. The result? Sometimes confused travellers who wonder if they have come to the right place. Unlike most Turkish areas, you can't see the water and the beaches immediately, but once they take a short taxi ride, the landscape becomes more familiar and you soon realise that there is more to this town than meets the eye!

If you are an early riser, it's a good idea to take go on the boat trip to the twelve islands. This gives a very nice picture of some of the things that Fethiye has to offer in the way of more serene beaches. If you are going to be in Fethiye for a couple of weeks and you are looking for some fun in the sun, there are a few good beaches in addition to the famed Olu Deniz beach. But be prepared, during the high summer season the main town beaches can get quite crowded.

Hotels in Fethiye

As with any tourist spot, the type of hotel to stay in will depend on what your plans will be during your holiday in Fethiye. If you are planning to spend a lot of time at your hotel and not do a lot of sightseeing, then you might think about choosing an all inclusive hotel since you will be there and able to take advantage of the amenities that you are paying for.

If you think you might go out during the day and only be at the hotel in the morning and in the evenning, then consider staying at a half board hotel. Usually half board hotels will include your breakfast and your dinners, leaving you on your own for lunch.

But if you have plans to enjoy the night life and not return to your hotel until very late in the evening, then a bed and breakfast hotel would be a good idea. This way you aren't paying for anything that you aren't using.

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