2 Jul 2017

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Bodrum Hotels

When it comes to a holiday with the perfect weather for doing just about anything, Bodrum is one of the first places that comes to mind for a Turkey holidays. For those of us who live in the United Kingdom and are used to rain most of the time, it's hard to believe that there is a place that we can so easily escape to that hardly sees very much rain at all. But it's true, and that place is known as Bodrum.

The weather is simply delightful all year round, and it's the ideal spot to spend our holidays where you get away from the rain and damp weather that we have to contend with on a regular basis. The beautiful beaches are worth the trip themselves, along with the breathtaking crystal clear water and the endless amount of choices when it comes to water recreation. But if we are ever to tire of the beach, there are plenty of other things that will appeal to us as well. We can find everything from shopping to fine dining to ancient architecture.

Hotels in Bodrum

When it comes to selecting a hotel to stay in, Bodrum also offers us a wide array of choices. There are plenty of hotels that will cater to every budget with a choice of everything from budget self catering apartments for those of us who have less money to spend all the way up to 5 star luxury all inclusive resorts. Rest assured that no matter what type of accommodation you choose, On The Beach always strive for the cheapest prices!

For those visitors who are looking to save money on their holidays in Bodrum, the Golden Moon Apartments are a great choice. Each apartment includes a fully equipped kitchenette so that instead of going out to eat you can bring your own food back to the flat and cook it yourself. The apartments are comfortably furnished and are the perfect solution for people who still want to come to Bodrum but not spend a lot of money.

If you are visiting Bodrum on holiday and have a little more money to spend, but don't want to go all out with a 5 star all inclusive hotel, then the Club Voyage Bodrum Village is a good choice for you. This beautiful hotel offers top quality 4 star service and is available to book on an all inclusive basis. Some of the things that are included are four water slides (one goes to the sea, the rest of them go into the pool), a Turkish bath, sauna and mini golf course. Clearly, the Club Voyage Bodrum Village is ideal for families!

For those looking for a hotel with that special edge, think of the beautiful 5 star Justiniano Fuga Bodrum. This 5 star all inclusive resort has everything that you are looking for with regards to amenities and service. There is a kid's club that will look after your children, a relaxing pool for adults and many other forms of entertainment and sports. Whether you want a holiday for a couple or a family holiday, you can't go wrong with the Justiniano Fuga!

Here at On The Beach we are proud to offer an unbeatable selection of hotels in Bodrum, all of which are at industry leading low prices. Don't forget that you can also book cheap flights to Bodrum available from airports throughout the UK and Ireland! With both flights and accommodation covered, it's simple to create your very own customised holiday in Bodrum here at On The beach!