5 Jul 2017

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Alanya Hotels

The very first impression that visitors on holidays in Alanya is how regal it is. The majestic Taurus mountains tower as if to stand guard, and at its headland stands the impressive Ottoman fortress. Mark Antony gave Alanya to Cleopatra in 44BC and one of the beaches is named for her.

Visitors on their Turkey holidays may want to take a closer look at the Ottoman fortress, or the Red Tower, which guards the harbour below the fortress. Another interesting thing to go and see are the Dalmatas caves, which are reachable by foot. Not only do the caves have some very impressive stalactites and stalagmites, but it is said that the moisture will help with complaints of the chest and asthma.

Once visitors have seen the historical sites, they might want to travel beyond the harbour and go to see what there is for sale in the numerous boutiques and shops that line the streets. There they can purchase carpets, jewellery, knockoffs of designer clothing, and leather goods.

In regards to the night life, there are plenty of places where you can enjoy yourself until 3am or even later. The James Dean offers an atmosphere which is decidedly American with excellent music. Then there's the Manhattan night club, which offers spectacular views from the balcony and the Auditorium, which offers business out in the open air and includes a swimming pool with free bus service available.

Hotels in Alanya

There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Alanya, from the three star all inclusive Kleopatra Beach Hotel all the way up to five star resorts such as the Meryan Hotel.

The Kleopatra Beach Hotel offers visitors on holiday an all inclusive hotel at a reasonable price. Some of the things that are included are billiards, a Turkish bath, diving school, massage, table football, and a jacuzzi.

For the highest in quality and style, check out the stunning Sheraton Voyager resort & Spa, a favourite of both couples and families, is a five star hotel which appeals to anyone. Those who have small children will like the children's playground and the pools with designated sections for children. The couples who visit the hotel will enjoy the sauna, the bars, and the Turkish bath.

Come visit Alanya on your next holiday and find out what makes this place so special. There are hotels and apartments suitable for every budget, flights are accessible and low cost and the sun is always shining!