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Your Yoga Escape

Your Yoga Escape

Packing up shop, forgetting your worries and wheeling that suitcase off to the airport without a care in the world, sounds a dream right about now doesn’t it? With the salty sea breeze flowing through your hair, the soundtrack of crashing waves rolling in the background and soft sunrays melting into your skin - it’s kind of hard to remember what we were so caught up in back home. Spreading our wings for a worry-free week-or-so many many miles from home offers us all a chance to recoup, reset and wave goodbye to our regular routines, and that’s exactly why we cherish our beloved beach holidays so dearly. A sense of freedom and healing. Unforgettable memories with the ones we love. A chance to loosen up and take it easy… It’s what many of us work so hard all year for.

This year has taken many unexpected twists and turns, with ups and downs that nobody could have anticipated – it feels like right now we need those restorative holiday feels more than ever before. Unfortunately, you might not have got a chance to jet off on your 2020 holiday this year, and that’s exactly why we’re championing a holiday for the mind with yoga and meditation – to leave you feeling like you’re on your very own wellness retreat, a virtual beach break right from the comfort of your living room.

A break for the body

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just bottle that feeling you get when you give it your all with a huge stretch in the morning? Well, for those who might not have delved into the world of yoga before, this is kind of, what it’s like. One long, big, satisfying stretch. So we decided to team up with Luce from Luce yoga, to find out more about how we could give our bodies and minds the holiday they deserve.

Luce Yoga

What are the health benefits of yoga?

A calm mind, a boost in energy and relaxation for the body are just some of the many benefits yoga can offer us, and we don’t know about you, but that sounds kind of similar to just what we’d wish for from our holidays. You can find out more about all about the benefits of yoga and meditation: with Luce Yoga in her fantastic blog, where lucy goes into more detail on how yoga and meditation might just do a whole lot more good than you think. Lucy has also been kind enough to lead our very own On the Beach yoga class - from the stunning Carcavelos Beach in Portugal. Join along with the video below, you'll be in a holiday dreamland in no time!

Your beach yoga class

A holiday for your mind

Extend your stay in paradise with a welcomed retreat for your busy mind. Forget pot washing, bed making and note taking for a little while, lay your worries to rest and give yourself permission to take a break with a quick meditation. Meditation helps us to accept the moment the way it is and lessens what can sometimes feel like an endless struggle with life (especially right now), and that’s not to mention the fantastic health benefits that come along the way.

Where should I start with meditation?

Spotify is a great place to source your meditations, as there’s a huge range to choose from and you can listen along for free, which is always a bonus. So take a vacay from the confines of your mind, press pause on life and dive headfirst into this calming meditation playlist that we’ve created just for you...

For more sunny beach sounds in your life give our On the Beach Spotify account a follow.
Your yoga escape

Our top tips to health & happiness

Now more than ever it’s important we all offer each other a helping hand. So we’ve pulled together some great health and wellness blogs so you can kick back, relax and have read (maybe even pour yourself a cuppa first too).

Now, we already knew that holidays were good for the soul, but it turns out there’s even some scientific evidence to support those mid-afternoon pool naps after all - discover the surprising 5 health benefits of lounging on.

Like many sports, swimming pulls us away from our worries and into the moment, but there’s something extra special about this refreshing adventure. Need to cool off? Find out more about the mindfulness of outdoor swimming.

The world of wellness escapes has attracted many seeking a little dose of calm from their long-awaited holidays, here’s our top tips on how to add a little wellness into your next beach break.

Being kind to others is super important, but so is being kind to yourself too. Find out what happened when we asked renowned Cognitive Therapist and Personal Development Coach, Siân Quipp, for her top wellbeing and self-care tips.

Wellness retreats (The real deal...)

We hope this mini mindful escape has offered you a tiny slice of holiday-style serenity for a little while. But if you’d like to take a dip into the world of wellness for real, then check out these dreamy hotels, where health and happiness are what it’s all about. Whether you’re seeking a cheerful, cheap holiday by the sea or you fancy pushing the boat out and treating yourself to a luxury getaway to remember, we’ve got tones of great deals on 2022 holidays to choose from. Your next rejuvenating adventure awaits…