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November Holidays

Where's hot?

November's calling, and it's got that vacay glow. With the kiddos classroom-bound again, it's prime time to score some killer deals on flights and chic stays across the Med. Wondering where's hot in November? Think the Canary Islands (of course), Cyprus, and for those with a bit of wanderlust - spots like Mexico, Florida, and Thailand. Plans this November? We've got a few ideas...

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Weather in Cape Verde in November

Cape Verde holiday, anyone? 🌴✈️ It might be a six-hour flight away, but stick on your trustiest playlist of summer tunes and that'll fly by (no pun intended). Knowing you're trading the UK's drizzle for sunny tropical vibes will be enough to get you through. We're talking a nice, solid 26°C which puts the frost back home to shame. Our advice? Pack your sunnies - you're gonna need 'em! 😎

Weather in Fuerteventura in November

Clocking in at a comfy 21°C, Fuerteventura serves year-round warmth - minus the summer tourist hustle. Corralejo up north? That's the island's VIP lounge. Down south in Morro Jable? It's a watersport wonderland. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a chill-seeker, this island's got you covered for a cheap holiday in November ☀️

Weather in Egypt in November

Egypt's got those hotspots like Hurghada and Marsa Alam that keep folk like you coming back - especially when winter's knocking. (Which - let's be honest - in the UK, is most of the time.) Think a steady 21°C warmth, sandy stretches, and history lessons without the boring textbooks. Now you're talking. Dive into our Egypt holidays and let the pyramid-packed adventures begin.

Where else can you go on a November holiday?

Where to go on holiday in November?

Craving that beachy vibe? The Canary Islands are still soaking in their summer glow in November, while Egypt, Cyprus and Dubai are serving up sandy goodness in spadeloads. But if iconic landmarks are more your jam, Malta offers that sweet city-beach mix. Or, go full-on city chic with a break in Paris or Rome. Keep an eye out for those wintery market deals ❄️

Where's hot in November?

That's right, November can still sizzle if you pick the right place! If you don't mind going long-haul, then places like Dubai, Las Vegas and the Caribbean have got your back. Prefer to keep it closer to home? No worries, the Canaries rock that sunshine gig all year long, and Cyprus is known to still be dishing out the warmth at this time of year too.

Where's the cheapest place to go on holiday in November?

When it comes to budget-friendly sunshine in November, the Canaries have got your back. Not only are they still flaunting those toasty temps, but by jetting off now you can escape the summer rush and avoid those pesky peak prices. It's a win-win!

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