Complete financial protection with ATOL and On the Beach

As an online travel agent, we let you build your own holiday by giving you access to a wide range of cheap flights, hotels and transfer suppliers, saving you money. And it's great to know when you book your holiday or accommodation through On the Beach, every part is financially protected through either our ATOL protection scheme or ABTA protected Trust. Where you book a package holiday, On the Beach is responsible for ensuring your holiday runs smoothly.

We were one of the first online travel agents in the UK to have complete financial protection because we know how important peace of mind is to our customers when they book their holiday. That means, in the unlikely event that one of your suppliers or On the Beach experiences financial failure, your money is safe. Whether you're counting down to departure, or already on holiday, you'll have complete peace of mind that you're guaranteed financial protection.

On the Beach act as an agent providing a web search interface between you and various third party suppliers of travel products (e.g. flight, hotel or transfer). For flights we act as your agent in processing your booking with the airline; we are not the airline’s agent. Each product you choose creates a separate contract between you and the supplier of that product.

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With ATOL Protection, you can book with confidence.

Our ATOL trust means that if we, or one of our travel suppliers has a problem, customers won’t lose money paid for a holiday, and are not stranded in a foreign country.

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We work hard to save for our holiday money. The last thing we’d want is for our customers to lose out on any of their money should any problem arise - that’s why we made sure we’re ATOL protected.

What is ATOL protection?

ATOL protection means that customers have financial security and that if we, or one of our travel suppliers, has a problem then customers won’t lose money paid for a holiday, and are not stranded in a foreign country.

How do I know my holiday company is ATOL protected?

Only book where you see the ATOL logo.

We're proud to say that back in 2011 we were the first major online travel agent to create an ATOL approved trust, and in 2016 we'll financially protect over 1 million customers' holidays.

You will receive a copy of your ATOL certificate via email after you have made your booking.

When am I covered?

All of our Package Holidays are financially protected by the ATOL scheme.

On all Package Holiday bookings, your money is ATOL protected. This means you will be able to continue with your holiday or suitable alternative holiday (at no extra cost) or receive a refund of the amount paid to us in the unlikely event of our insolvency or the insolvency of one or more of your service Travel Suppliers.


All hotel only bookings are protected through our On the Beach Trust fund. You will be offered the option of transferring money to be credited against another hotel booking or receive a refund.

Flight-only bookings

With a flight-only booking, our responsibility is to pass the money paid for flights to the airline. This means should your airline fail, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Other Bookings like transfers, car hire and airport parking

All other products sold on this site are also protected through our On the Beach Trust fund. You will be offered the option of transferring monies to be credited against an alternative booking (where one is available) or receive a refund.

What’s the On the Beach Trust fund?

On the Beach pays customers’ cash into a UK trust account (flights are paid for upfront) and On the Beach cannot access customers’ cash until the holiday is complete. We were the first ever UK OTA to put this trust account system in place and we have been paying all our hotels and transfers in this way since 2011. Should anything happen to the business, you can be 100% sure you can access your money to pay for your holiday.

Does every travel company with ATOL protection have a UK trust account?

No. Many UK travel businesses with ATOL protection DO NOT ACT IN THIS WAY. Always check before booking whether your holiday company operates with a UK trust account.