6 Jul 2017

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Goa Hotels

Goa Hotels

Goa, the Pearl of the Orient, lies on the western coast of India and is renowned for its glorious weather, golden beaches, magnificent scenery, beautiful temples, world-heritage architecture and, especially, the warmth of its people.

A former Portuguese colony, Goa was separated from British-ruled India by the Western Ghat mountain range and was thus able to retain its unique identity. This fascinating area is a blend of Indian and European, with age-old traditions mixing happily with a modern vibrancy. The diversity of cultures and religions means that there’s always something being celebrated, usually with a festival or parade. So, you can enjoy both the Hindu Shigmo, an ancient festival where dancers musicians, dancers and floats turn the streets into a riot of music, colour and laughter, and the Christians’ equally joyous pre-Lenten Carnival.

Goa was once the ultimate hippie hangout and, while the relaxed and easy going atmosphere that once attracted the Flower Power generation remains, a wide range of visitors are now drawn here by its beauty, history and first class facilities. Come sample some of our fabulous Goa hotels and experience this unique part of India for yourself!


Goa’s tropical climate means the weather is gloriously hot and humid for most of the year. Temperatures peak in the mid-30s in May before the monsoons arrive, bringing most of the region’s annual rainfall along with a break in the humidity, sultry breezes and delightfully refreshing weather. A short cool season runs from mid-December to February when temperatures stay in the 20s night and day. So, throw away those sweaters, pack some light-weight cotton clothes and don’t forget the sunscreen.


It might be hard to leave the deliciously warm waters of the Arabian Sea and the miles of golden, sandy beaches but for those who can tear themselves away, there’s a world of delights on offer while you stay at your hotel in Goa. Wander around the world-famous Anjuna flea market, where traders from all over India gather every Wednesday to haggle and barter over their wares, visit the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary where peacocks, elephants, bison and leopards make their homes or tour old Goa, once the state capital and now a world heritage site dotted with magnificent churches and cathedrals.


Goan nightlife is non-stop and legendary, with a relaxed party atmosphere that, thanks to a ban on loud music in town, is largely centred on the beaches. Most hotels in Goa have bars and restaurants that stay open late into the night, serving up local fresh fish cooked in exotic Goan spices, along with music ranging from the traditional to the latest pop. So, dancing to dawn on golden sands or a romantic dinner for two and a stroll around the beautiful old town, the choice is yours!


A spectacular seascape, forests so bursting with plant life that they compare to the Amazon basin in richness and diversity, world-heritage architecture and glorious sunshine are all just waiting for you in Goa.

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