Maritim Pine Beach

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Beaches of golden sands that seem to stretch on forever, turquoise blue waters fading into cloudless horizons, deep green forests of invigorating cypress and monumental ancient testaments to time - these are just a few of the things the Turkish Riviera has to offer. With its enviable spot right on the coast in the middle of a lush golf paradise, the newly renovated Maritim Pine Beach Resort is the perfect starting point for discovering everything this exciting region affords.

The hotel itself is nestled amidst a 120,000 sqm property that encompasses cypress forests, orange trees and olive groves. In addition to the resort's comprehensive sporting equipment/facilities and its thalassic wellness centre, many guests are also drawn to the surrounding area's enticing golf courses.

The modern conference centre makes Belek the perfect place to combine business and pleasure. With its 23 conference and meeting rooms the Maritim Pine Beach Resort Belek is the biggest conference hotel within Turkey.

How far is the nearest beach?
This complex sits directly on the beach.

Distance from Airport
The hotel is 45km from Antalya Airport. Transfer from Antalya airport: approx. 40mins.

All our rooms have been designed as by the result of rich experience, which fell far beyond the expectations of our guests. With this pride, in order to provide more comfort for our guests, we have renovated all our guest rooms which are being preformed expectations in mind. We offer families a family room service, and couples a standard room service which will always be reformulated by their quests of our guests.

## Economy/Promo room is smaller than standard room or has no balcony. ##

Main building (30 m2)
Club Main building (27 m2)
1 bathroom with bathtub
mini-bar and balcony
hot set up and kettle
Max. occupancy: 3 adults + 1 baby cot

Club Main building (27 m2)
1 bathroom with bathtub,
mini-bar and balcony,
hot set up and kettle
Max. Occupancy: 3 adults + 1 baby cot

Main building with sea view; (30 m2)
Club Main building with sea view;(27 m2)
1 bathroom with bathtub,
mini-bar and balcony,
hot set up and kettle
Max. Occupancy: 3 adults + 1 baby cot

Main Building (32 m2)
1 bathroom with bathtub,
mini-bar and balcony,
hot set up and kettle
Min. occupancy: 3 adults + 1 child
Max. Occupancy: 3 adults + 1 child + 1 baby cot
Max. Occupancy: 3 adults + 2 children

Main building;(45 m2)
1 bathroom with bathtub,
mini-bar and balcony,
hot set up and kettle
1 bedroom,
1 living room
Max. Occupancy: 3 adults + 2 children

Main building; (75 m2)
1 bathroom with Jacuzzi hairdryer,
separate WC,
1 bedroom, 1 living room,
safe, mini-bar,
huge balcony,
hot set up and kettle

Club Main building (52 m2)
1 bathroom, 1 bedroom,
1 living room,
safe, mini-bar,
hot set up and kettle
Max. Occupancy: 2 adults

Food & Drink
Sante restaurant is the main restaurant in our Resort Main Building. This restaurant, with its 500 people inside and 300 people balcony capacity and a unique panoramic over view to the sea turns every meal into a feast.

The taste and presentation of food brings a new definition of experience and elegance.

Pinea restaurant is the main restaurant in our Club Main Building. This restaurant, with its 350 people inside and 200 people balcony capacity and a unique panoramic over view to the sea turns every meal into a feast.

The taste and presentation of food brings a new definition of experience and elegance.

An elegant atmosphere, Enchanting foods….
In the past every women wished a prince charming would come and take her on his horse and get away from everything and offer her epic moments. Today white horses have been replaced with white planes. And epic moments are only lived when couples are alone because the noise and information bombing of information age reach everywhere. But there are fabulous places far away from this noise and chaos… Our A La Carte Restaurants are one of the most elegant places you may experience with your partner…

Prepare a surprise to your Prince or Princes who accompany you on this holiday. Tell him/her to dress smart for dinner. Book two people table in our restaurant at once. You will remember this very special night by Mediterranean shore as one of your most special memories. Everything will turn red, love with the enchanting effect of a glass of red wine and the whole world is going to be silent; there will be just you and your partner. Just Prince and Princess… Our meals which you will remember for long years will contribute an extra value to your night… You may prefer fish or Turkish or Italian cuisine… Our A La Carte kitchen where all tastes are created will be under your service with skillful cookers and waiters. We bet that this dinner in a glamorous atmosphere by unique view of Mediterranean will be unforgettable.

Turkish traditional food will be served on your table
8.-€ /pp.
Place: Sante Restaurant area.

Italian food will be served on your table
8.-€ /pp.
Place: Sante Restaurant area.
AFish will be served on your table
8.-€ /pp.
Place: Sante Restaurant area.

24 hours open bar. Every kind of dring will be served in our lobby bar. Place: Lobby area

AKDENİZ SNACK & BAR Sports & Entertainment
Fronting a 200 metre-long sandy beach would be enough for most hotels, but here you can also factor in seven pools.

When we look at past, there is only one common moment when everyone without exception was happy.

CHILDHOOD. Anyone who remembers his/her childhood will have a smile even if it is not a big one. Nobody can enter in Pino Children Kingdom without reverence because here all children are kings and queens!
Childhood is discovering; being surprised at life; laughing mouthful and crying endlessly; getting naughty; laying on grass and having no regret of dirtying the clothes. Call world to account when left unloved; being needy for mother, father but not leaving control. Offending someone without knowing but also gaining many without knowing; being loved without spending any effort only for existing. Being a pirate without harming anyone; believing to change world. Being a princess without trying to control anyone. Waking everyday to paint the sky again; see the world as how it wants to see. Talking with moon and flirting with sun; telling stories to animals; singing ballads to rigorous rivers. It is such epic to become child…

Well educated and reliable staff of Pino Children Kingdom have considered the basic characteristics of children and prepared fun activities where children can develop their hand skills and body coordination. You may entrust your children to "Pino Children Kingdom" for all day without looking back and create a second honeymoon chance for yourself becauseyou will know that your children are in safe hands and happy. And they will not have time to miss you. Children have so much work to do, such important decisions to make under the management of "Pino Children Kingdom" that it is not very probable for them to think anything but these important subjects.

It has everything to make children happy from 0-6 age playrooms to sleeping rooms, theaters to water slides. Pino Children Kingdom is founded on 8.000 square meter area. This unit of the hotel is waiting to embrace all children of world and those who are still children at heart.

Exotic groups from Cuba, hot shows, dynamic dancers. After the show in the Amphitheatre you can enjoy them in the CUBANA party in our disco, or on the beach

Cuban Party Concept: Animation and bar teams with colourful Latino dresses, 2 bars with special extra Cuba cocktails and barmen shows with fire.

Shaolin shows from china with dangerous and colourful historical art of Fight from Tibet.

Dance show from our animations team with the scenery of the video clip GHOST from Michael Jackson. The show will be placed on the amphitheatre and continue at the disco with a horror party, just like HELLOWIN.

Concept: Special decorations, horror night ambiance, horror makeup and dress and go-go girls dance show

A dance show from the animations team. A mix of all hits of MTV channel. After the show, all stars from MTV are going, with special extra dances to the disco!

A funny, interactive show game on the stage with the guests. After the show, we have a special party at disco, THE ALFA MEN PARTY.

Ladies Show on the stage with our female guests. And then the fun will continue with LADIES NIGHT at the disco. A party with special dances and games for ladies. And the final will be with the go-go dancers.

A show with neon and laser effects. Dancers, acrobats with light costumes. After the show, the night goes on with WHITE PARTY at the disco. That night, all the guest and employees have to wear weight dresses.

Drummer&Dance Show
A show with professional drummers, step dancers, Irelands dance and light effects at the amphitheatre

A dance show, directed by the most popular choreographer of Russia Mr. Alla DUKHOVA's, TODES show. The show will be shown by the animations team at amphitheatre and continue with OLDEST PARTY at the disco area with all the classic dance hits from 1970-1995

Circus from CUBA with scenery of "a girl is dreaming in her sleep and see toys alive." A show with acrobats, clown and choreographic elements.

An African acrobatic show from Kenya with exotic moments and element of fire. This show will be placed at disco. After the show the "BLACK and RED PARTY" will start with :black and red decoration, special red light, and with 2 extra red and black bars with barmen shows.

(Additional charge may apply)


  • A la Carte Restaurant
  • Aerobics
  • Air Conditioning
  • Aqua Park
  • Bar
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Entertainment
  • Gym
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Kids Club
  • Kids Playground
  • Kids Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court(s)