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Big-coat season. Soggy-sock season. Numb-fingers-and-sniffly-noses season. Whatever you want to call it, let's be honest - no one's getting excited about winter. Well, we've got good news for you. It's always sunny somewhere. And we all know a holiday's more fun when it's chucking it down back home. So what do you say? We're talking sandcastles over snow angels (any day), pool days over rainy days (obviously), and swimwear over knitwear (duh!). Trust us, where we're going, you won't see an umbrella in sight (well, except for on your cocktail maybe). Time to add some winter sun to the diary...

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Why choose On the Beach for your winter-sun holiday?

Well, for starters - we know our stuff. We send over 1.5 million people away on their holidays every year, and we'd love you to be part of the fam. We pride ourselves on making your holiday the best it can be, from the moment you click 'book', to the moment you return and start planning your next one. That's why we offer a FlexiPay scheme, so you can pay for your holiday your way, with deposits from just £30pp, ATOL protection and 24-hour in-resort support to put your mind at ease. Oh, and we're all about those little extras too - which is why we offer a range of holiday perks to make your trip that much more special. You deserve it.

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Jet off to Morocco this winter

Escape to Morocco this winter and say goodbye to the dreary British weather! Imagine sipping on mint tea as you bask in the warm Moroccan sun, while your pals back home battle the winter blues. From the vibrant souks of Marrakech to the serene sands of Agadir, Morocco promises an adventure that’s as spicy as their famous tagine. Whether you're riding camels under starlit skies or exploring ancient medinas, every moment is an Instagram-worthy snapshot. Morocco's blend of culture, cuisine, and stunning landscapes is the winter escape you didn’t know you needed. Who says winter has to be all about snowmen and hot cocoa? Let’s add some desert magic to the mix!

Best destinations for a winter sun holiday

Ah, the drab, cold, rainy months. Winter. It's bleak, for sure. If you often find yourself in desperate need of some sun, then don't find yourself dreaming over a beach holiday and instead, find your next top destination. From the Canaries, with the delightful Tenerife as their star, to the further-afield Caribbean, offering the Dominican Republic and more. Your winter sun holiday will be a bliss escape from the freezing cold, we can guarantee you that.

Winter sun holidays for families

Wondering how to keep the little ones entertained at home? We might just have the answer. Whether you're swapping the turkey dinner for a trip to Turkey with the fam this Christmas, or you're looking for holidays in February half-term - we've got loads of hotels that the kids (and you!) will love for your winter holiday. Why wait until summer?

Winter sun holidays for couples

Yeah, snuggling up by the fire is cool, but have you ever had piña coladas by the pool while it's snowing back home? Smugness at its finest. Beat the summer rush and swap blankets for beach towels this winter with a couples holiday. Quiet beach days. Free rein of the all-inclusive buffet. Ice cream in December. Need we say more?

Pssst! Find out why Malta is the perfect city break and beach holiday rolled into one.

Winter sun holidays for groups

Why not go all-out and get the whole squad together for a winter-sun group holiday? Whether you're craving cocktails and lazy pool days, or simply looking for a night out where you don't need your big coat, we're here to share some of the best hotels for group holidays. From always-sunny Tenerife to good ol' Benidorm, jetting off in winter means you can avoid peak prices and top up your tan to make everyone jealous once summer comes back around. So go on. Pop it in the WhatsApp group. Where do you fancy?

Short haul winter sun getaways

Winter weather got you down? Same. But you don't need to travel half-way across the globe to get some sun - we've got loads of short-haul holidays to warm you up! Trade your daily commute and coffee run for a short flight to some winter sun. Whether it's classic Spain or culture-packed Malta, you could be slathering on the suncream and sipping sangria in no time. Out of office mode: activated.

Mid haul winter sun holidays

You like your holiday just right. Far enough away to give you that exotic feeling, but close enough to home so you don't have to sit on a plane for 7+ hours. We got you. We've picked some of our fav mid-haul hotels that'll give you that 'Caribbean vibe' in half the flight time. Tropical cocktails, seafront swimming pools and palm trees everywhere you turn - sounds dreamy, right?

Long haul winter sun holidays

If you really want to get as far away from the gloomy UK weather as possible (we don't blame you), then there's only one answer. Long haul, baby. Go big or go home. From the white sands of Mexico to action-packed Florida resorts, our long-haul holidays are just what you need for that sweet escape. Winter just got a whole lot more interesting.

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Our Top Tip!

It's important to travel comfortably when going on any holiday, but especially when you're travelling in winter. While it might be cold and rainy in the UK, remember that wherever you're heading, it'll most likely be sunny. Layering up with hoodies and blankets means you can stay toasty at the airport and during your flight, but once you're on the other side, you can easily whip them off while the heat smacks you in the face. You know that feeling.


When's the best time to go on holiday in winter?

Winter in the UK usually starts in November and ends in mid-March. As it's off-peak, it's the perfect opportunity to jet off for some affordable sun. Most Mediterranean destinations still offer fairly mild temperatures in November and March, so you can escape for a pre-Christmas treat or take off in half term if you're bringing the kids!

Where's the best place to go in winter for sun?

Jetting off for some winter sun is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the sunshine without it being unbearably hot. Holiday hotspots such as Cyprus and the Canaries are perfect for an off-peak break due to their year-round Mediterranean climate, whilst more exotic destinations such as Mexico, Thailand and the Maldives are known for staying toasty during the winter months. We've put together a handy guide if you want to read more about where to go on a winter-sun holiday.

Where's the cheapest place for winter sun?

The cheapest destinations vary, but Cyprus holidays are ideal for getting the most out of an affordable getaway, and the Canary Islands are a great all-rounder when it comes to budget-friendly sun, sand and sea in winter. Book early to secure your winter escape for a bargain price.

Where's the best place in Europe for winter sun?

If you'd rather stay in Europe, there are still loads of winter sun destinations to tickle your pickle. Malta, for one, is home to one of the warmest European climates in winter, with temperatures averaging around 19°C - plus it's still quite an up-and-coming destination, which means it won't be packed with tourists! Tenerife is also a classic (obviously) when it comes to soaking up the sun in winter, along with Portugal and Madeira, which offer some cracking scenery, too.

Where's best for winter sun in December?

If the cold December days have got you down - don't worry. There are loads of places that are still bathed in sunshine at this time of year. You might have to go slightly further afield if you're looking for sizzling heat, but Canary islands like Gran Canaria and Tenerife are always a good shout if you're just looking for mild temperatures, or Cape Town if you prefer something a little hotter. Egypt is also known for its guaranteed sunshine, and there are loads of family-friendly resorts if you're travelling with the kids. We've also put together a handy guide to where's hot in December, if you fancy reading more.

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