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Things to do in Crete

Things to do

If you've got a Crete holiday on your radar (and why wouldn't you?), you're in for a treat. From the cute cobbled streets of Chania to the pulsing nightlife in Hersonissos and the rich history of Heraklion, Crete's a mashup of ancient vibes and modern beats. Whether you're looking to dive into mythical tales, fill your boots with mouthwatering Mediterranean nosh, or simply catch some rays with a cocktail in hand (guilty 🙋) , this island's got your back. And the best part? Most of this stuff is completely free, which is ideal for a cheap Crete holibobs. We got you.

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Things to do in the Hersonissos area for...


  1. Labyrinth Theme Park: A mini-golf experience with a cheeky dash of Cretan mythology. Try not to get lost!

  2. Aquaworld Aquarium: Meet Nemo and his gang - plus a few local reptiles. The kiddos will love the touch tanks!

  3. Lychnostatis Open-Air Museum: Culture, but make it fun. Explore traditional workshops, windmills and distilleries - and there's a café for an authentic herbal tea to top things off.

  4. Dinosauria Park: A dino-mite adventure awaits with life-sized replicas. Ross from Friends would have a field day.

  5. Gouves Water Park: Splashes, slides, and sun are on the cards at this family-friendly water haven.


  1. Gouves Beach: Full of picture-perfect spots for sunsets, sea and maybe a cheeky smooch.

  2. Horse Riding at Club Equestre de Crète: Trot along scenic routes together. It's proper #couplegoals stuff.

  3. Euphoria Wellness Spa: Your time for some duo relaxation.

  4. Sarantaris Beach: A secret beachy spot ideal for some quiet time. We're bad at keeping secrets, sorry.

  5. Sunset Jeep Safari: Explore the terrain and catch the golden hour.


  1. Star Beach: Sunburn, sea, and scandalous stories await.

  2. Crete Golf: Let's see who’s been fibbing about their handicap...

  3. Escape Rooms: Because nothing says "bonding" like being locked in a room together. All in good fun, obvs.

  4. Seafari Adventures: Deep blue squad selfies? Check.

  5. Cretaquarium: Exactly what it says on the tin. Grab the squad and dive into that marine life.

Foodie hotspots

  1. Amigos Restaurant and Roof Terrace – Friends with food benefits.

  2. The Vagabond – Go here to roam through an international menu.

  3. Paneil's – Dessert for dinner? They won’t judge.

Things to do in Heraklion for...


  1. Archaeological Museum: Got history buffs? Bingo!

  2. Natural History Museum: Creepy crawlies and furry friends.

  3. Dermatas Gate: Another one for the little history buffs, with plenty of space for running about - AKA, tiring them out for bedtime. We got you.

  4. Planet Crete: Science, but make it fun.

  5. Happy Train: Choo-choo through the town and feel the happy vibes.


  1. Heraklion Fortress: Perfect for dreamy-eyed strolls. Or arguing over which way you should be going.

  2. Archanes Village: It's cute, it's quaint, it's couple goals.

  3. Matala Beach: Caves, sea, and probably some lovey-dovey selfies.

  4. Bougainvillea Rooftop: Cheers to love... and cocktails!

  5. Botanical Gardens: Because nothing says romance like plants, right?


  1. Visual Arts Museum: Art and laughs, in no particular order.

  2. Escape Rooms: Round 2. It's addictive, alright?

  3. City Sightseeing: Because who doesn't love a bus tour.

  4. Wine Country: “One more glass”, said everyone ever.

  5. Karteros Beach: BFFs, BBQs, and maybe some beachball?

Foodie hotspots

  1. Herbs' Garden: Oh look, another rooftop! But with delish food.

  2. Ippokambos: Fresh catch and waves. Yes, please!

  3. Peskesi: Mamma mia! That’s some good grub.

Things to do in the Chania area for...


  1. Limnoupolis Water Park: Who's the fastest slider?

  2. Chania Old Town: It’s like stepping into a postcard.

  3. Koum Kapi Beach: Buckets, spades, and maybe an ice-cream fight?

  4. Botanical Park: Get those steps in, family style.

  5. Lake Kournas: Picnic? Paddle boats? Both?


  1. Samaria Gorge: A hike with a side of hand holding.

  2. Frangokastello Beach: Waves, whispers, and wonder.

  3. Faros Lounge Bar: More cocktails because, why not?

  4. Balos Lagoon: Turquoise waters and heart-eyes.

  5. Georgioupolis Beach: Walk, talk, and sandy toes.


  1. Chania Adventure Park: Challenge accepted!

  2. Old Venetian Harbour: Good vibes only.

  3. Agii Apostoli Beach: Beach games? It's on!

  4. Tabakaria District Street Art Hunt: Unleash the inner Banksy!

  5. Chania Street Food Tour: Feast Mode: on.

Foodie hotspots

  1. Tamam Restaurant: A modern twist on Cretean and Mediterranean dishes.

  2. Portes: A charming, local spot dishing up an authentic seasonal menu.

  3. The Well of the Turk: Tucked away in the old town's alleys, serving up Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fusion.

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