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Things to do in Corfu

Things to do

Ready to dive into the kind of Greek holiday where the sun smooches the sea and the olives are just...oh-so-tasty? Enter: Corfu. Whether you're looking to rave until dawn in Kavos, sip on classy cocktails along Dassia's coast or nod at fancy yachts in Gouvia, we've got the ultimate Cor-fun list ready to rock your holiday socks and sandals off. Let’s explore this island like it's the last bit of feta at a buffet! Oh, and loads of 'em are free, which is perf for your cheap Corfu holibobs cravings.

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Things to do in the Kavos for...


  1. AquaPark Corfu: Wet, wild, and perfect for making the kiddos sleep well!

  2. Kavos Cruises: No, not the Titanic. Just wholesome family bonding on the big blue.

  3. Horse Riding Kavos: Saddle up! No Wi-Fi on these beauties, just straight-up fun and horsin' around.

  4. Kavos Beach: Build a sandcastle. Or bury Dad. Your choice.

  5. Arkoudillas Beach: Let the little ones be Moana for a day, minus the catchy tunes. (You're welcome.)


  1. Sunset Strolls: Nothing says romance like walking hand-in-hand, pretending you’re in a rom-com.

  2. Couples Massage: Ooh la la! Feel the tension melt. Both the back knots and the "who forgot the sunscreen?" tiff.

  3. Wine Tasting Tour: Swirl, sniff, sip, and pretend you know what you’re talking about.

  4. Intimate Boat Ride: Yes, we said intimate, not Titanic. Remember, no reenactments, folks!

  5. Moonlit Beach Picnic: Just like the movies, minus the hidden sand in awkward places.


  1. Bar Crawl: Start with ouzo, end with...well, who knows?

  2. Quad Safari: Rev up and rally with your squad. Loser buys the gyros!

  3. Watersports: From jet-skis to banana boats, get ready to get drenched.

  4. Open-air Clubbing: Because, Kavos. Get your party on.

  5. Day Trip to Paxos: New island, who dis?

Foodie hotspots

  1. The Rose Tree: Proper grub, lovely vibes.

  2. Eve's Garden: The Adam's apple pie? Divine.

  3. Big Max Diner: When you just need a burger the size of your head.

Things to do in Dassia for...


  1. Dassia Beach: Splash, play, repeat.

  2. Olive Wood Workshop: It's artsy, crafty, and not too drafty.

  3. Boat Rentals: Captain the ship, just watch out for mutinies.

  4. Nature Trails: Flip-flops not recommended.

  5. Horse Riding: Because walking is so last season.


  1. Sunrise Breakfast: Early birds get the best Insta pics.

  2. Dassia Canoe Rentals: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the...sea?

  3. Private Beach Day: Just you, your partner, and the occasional crab.

  4. Seafront Dining: Food with a view? Yes, please!

  5. Mountain Bike Ride: Tandem if you’re feeling adventurous (or lazy).


  1. Group Diving: Dive in and spot Nemo together.

  2. Cocktail Classes: Shake, stir, sip, stumble.

  3. Water Volleyball Tournament: Splashy spike time!

  4. Karaoke Night: For your group’s inner Beyoncé. And outer Beyoncé.

  5. Jeep Safari: Go wild. Literally.

Foodie hotspots

  1. La Plaz: Pita, meet belly.

  2. Vinieri Bistro: Fancy shmancy in a good way.

  3. Squirrel Restaurant: Don't worry, they don't serve squirrel.

Things to do in Gouvia for...


  1. Gouvia Marina: Boat-spotting and daydreaming of which yacht you’d buy.

  2. Venetian Shipyard: Time travel, minus the DeLorean.

  3. Hiking Trails: Adventure, minus the sofa.

  4. Mini Golf: Challenge: don't let the kids win. Good luck.

  5. Gouvia Beach: Build, splash, repeat.


  1. Romantic Marina Dinner: With a side of boat-envy.

  2. Nighttime Harbour Walk: Seriously, it's like a scene from a rom-com.

  3. Scuba Diving: Find some underwater love.

  4. Couples Spa Day: If you’re not dozing off by the end, you’re doing it wrong.

  5. Wine and Paint Night: Picasso, but with a touch of Merlot.


  1. Group Boat Day: Forget selfies. It's all about the groupfies now!

  2. Karaoke Bar Hopping: Best of luck to the Corfiot eardrums.

  3. Day trip to Paxos & Antipaxos: Sun, sea, sand, and squad.

  4. Water Sports Day: The name's Bond. Wetsuit Bond.

  5. Barbecue Beach Night: Grilled cheese under the stars. Literally.

Foodie hotspots

  1. Isalos: Where the view is as good as the grub.

  2. Bella Ellada: Seafood so fresh, it might just wave back.

  3. Pirates Bar: No real pirates, just darn good food.

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