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Holidays with Ryanair flights

You have probably heard of Ryanair before but for those who haven't, it is not someone called Ryan who owns a plane. It's actually one of the best airlines around right now, getting you to sunshine quicker than you can ask whether or not they have seats on the plane still.

With routes to many of our favourite destinations, why wouldn't we shed some light on the holidays we offer with Ryanair flights? From Malta to the Canaries, Ryanair can get you there meaning you can have some well-deserved sunshine and relaxation.

Top hotels in the Canaries

Just like the song of an actual canary, the Canary Islands are beautiful. Tenerife, Lanzarote, Grana Canaria or Fuerteventura? You're definitely spoilt for choice.

Top hotels in Greece

Greece is renowned for being a holiday haven for those looking for scorching hot sun, beautiful beaches and delicious food to feast on (all of which you can Instagram 'til your heart is content).

Top hotels in Ibiza

Ibiza has a lot to offer, from clubs that will have you dancing all night to some beautiful beaches to bake under the sun on. This is probably why Ryanair fly A LOT of people there on a regular basis.

What is Ryanair's baggage allowance?

On standard fares, Ryanair passengers are allowed a small cabin bag that must fit under the seat in front of them. This is typically a bag sizing up to 40cm by 25cm by 20cm.

You can add more bags to your booking, such as extra cabin bags and bigger hold suitcases if needed.

Which Ryanair seats have windows?

The majority of rows on a Ryanair plane have windows but there are a couple of notable ones to watch out for if you're looking for those 30,000 feet views. Typically, seats 11A, 11F and 12F don't have windows. Perfect if you're looking for some shuteye on the flight but not so good if you're one for the scenery.

* Please note, we will not be held accountable if row 11A does turn out to have a window on your flight. We're just the messenger. *

How do I check in with Ryanair?

If you’re travelling with Ryanair for both legs of your flight you’ll need to check in online for each reference number you have been provided with, as each number represents one leg of your flight.

Online check in details can be found on your booking confirmation, under the flight voucher section. Online check in for Ryanair opens 24 hours before each flight is scheduled to depart unless pre-allocated seating or a Flexi Plus ticket was purchased. In this case, online check in will be available up to 60 days before the departure date of your flight. If you download the Ryanair app, you can even check in online by using your smartphone or tablet! Please note, online check in will close 2 hours before each flight is scheduled to depart.

For more information on verifying your Ryanair account, please see our dedicated Ryanair FAQ page.

Due to new airport health and safety measures, printed boarding passes will no longer be accepted. Please ensure that you are able to present boarding passes for your entire party on a smart device.

**Please note that failure to check in online with Ryanair in advance of your travel may result in charges at the airport.**

How can I add Ryanair priority boarding?

If both your Outbound and Inbound flights are with Ryanair, you can add priority boarding via “My Bookings” and selecting “Add In-flight Extras” in the menu. If only one of your flights is with Ryanair, please login into “My Bookings” and send us a message.

Do Ryanair planes still have seats?

Despite the rumours, yes.

Are the toilets free to use on Ryanair?

We know, we know. A pretty mad question, yeah? But an important one. The answer is: yes, the toilets are free to use and you are able to use them. If things do change, we will definitely update you.

What airports can I fly from?

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