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Are you dreaming of a five-star holiday with beachfront views, infinity pools and top-class restaurants? We are too! Sometimes you just need to get away and treat yourself. It’s okay, we know how hard you’ve been working – you deserve it!

Everyone loves a little luxury in life. A splash of razzle-dazzle from time to time. So, when you combine that with your holiday, the result is fantastic. A luxurious holiday is exactly what you're after. We have a fantastic selection of five-star properties located around the globe, with prices to suit every budget – even cheap luxury holidays because luxury doesn’t have to mean expensive! So, whether you’re a couple looking for a perfect romantic holiday, a family looking for a holiday to remember or simply doing it for the 'gram, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect pick for you. We will try our best to hide our jealousy!

Why choose On the Beach for your next luxury holiday?

Well, if you're searching for luxury then we can definitely provide it. Alongside our fantastic range of hotels and destinations, we strive to make your holiday experience EVEN better. We offer flexible payment options and low deposits, meaning you can spread the cost for your luxury jolly. We are also the home of holiday perks, meaning that slice of luxury can start earlier than you once thought. We send over 1.5 million people on their holibobs each year, meaning you can book with confidence when booking with us. Happy holiday booking!

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Our top luxury hotels

We know our stuff about beach holidays. And we know a lot about luxurious ones. So, when we pull together some of our top hotels for a luxury holiday then listen up as you definitely won't want to miss out. These beautiful hotels are on hand with a whole host of room types, dining options and showstopping facilities for you to enjoy on your holibobs. What are you waiting for?!

Luxury family holidays

Picking the perfect hotel to suit the whole family can be tricky, especially with every family member wanting different things. This is where a luxury hotel comes up trumps - swimming pools for days, kids clubs, adult-only areas for when the kids are at said kids clubs and plenty of choice for dinner to keep those picky eaters happy. A luxury holiday means less to worry about and more time to focus on the important things - like making those unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime! Take a look at our top family-friendly, luxury resorts below.

Make all your City of Dreams come true...

Some things just are what they say on the tin, and this place is the perfect example of that. Bag a stay here and you'll be lounging in the lap of luxury where no request is too much. City of Dreams Mediterranean is a Cyprus showstopper, with rooms so plush you'll wonder when you became royalty, more food options than your taste buds'll know what to do with, and four epic pools that shine brighter than the Med itself. Ready to dive in? 🌊

City of Dreams Mediterranean, Cyprus

Luxury Adult-Only escapes

Our favourite adult-only properties feature grown-up things like spa centres and swim up rooms to bring you the holiday of your dreams. Perfection. And they all come with the added bonus of no noise from any children. Whether you're leaving the kids at home or you're looking for a holiday away from other families, then these hotels are the ideal paradise for your escape. No screaming. No crying. Just you, your drink and the sun beaming down. Bliss.

Hotel Highlight

Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa - Crete, Greece

When thinking of luxury hotels, the Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa should be your immediate thought because that is exactly what it is. Luxury. All-inclusive everything, ideal for familes, huge pool and sea views and a load of food, entertainment and room choices. What's not to love? If you're looking for a paradise for your next getaway, this is what you've been searching for.

Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa is our hotel highlight, with deposits from £30pp (restrictions apply). Take advantage of our wonderful product offer and payment plans to get your next sunny beach break.

Luxurious breaks for couples

On the hunt for some romance? Well, jetting off to a sunny destination is the ideal way to keep that spark going. Think: strolling hand in hand down the beach, spending quality time together and reconnecting outside of the daily routine. Now team that with elegant hotels, fine wines and perfect sunsets and you have an unforgettable holiday. Whether you fancy Morocco or Greece, we've got you covered.

Top short-haul luxury hotels

Luxury is closer than you think. Honest. Just a short plane ride away and you could be in paradise. It's not quite on your doorstep but it's not on the other side of the world. We’ll have you on the beach quick time with our top short-haul picks below. Think Tenerife, the Balearics or Greece. Just a few hours and you could be sitting sipping on a cocktail in your five-star in no time.

Top mid-haul luxury hotels

A mid-haul break can be the perfect way to enjoy a luxurious escape without having to cross the world. It's not quite on the other side of the world but it's just far enough away from home to truly feel an escape from reality. With mid-haul holidays, you could be enjoying the sun on your face and the sand beneath your feet in only a few hours. Whether it's Egypt or Turkey you fancy, get ready for utter relaxation. Trust us, it'll be delightful.

Top long-haul luxury hotels

Long-haul isn't as daunting as you may think. Especially when at the other end of the flight are exotic sands, brilliant sun and warm waters. Makes it worth the trip, doesn't it? With a range of long-haul destinations on offer. Holidays to Thailand, Mexico, Caribbean and beyond, all offer a wide variety of superb hotels to choose from with fantastic facilities. So, travelling to distant shores is easier than you think.

Best luxury LGBTQ+ holidays

This way to paradise! Think of amazing facilities, such as gorgeous pools and delicious restaurants, in a comfortable environment. With these inclusive hotels, your five-star escape is not far away. Whether you're looking for a jolly just the two of you or with a group of friends, our range of LGBTQ+ friendly hotels are on hand to give you the holibobs you deserve.


What is a luxury holiday?

A luxury holiday can be all sorts of things. Think swim-up rooms, relaxing spas, private beaches, infinity pools and EVEN more. Partner this with top-notch service, attention to detail and that WOW factor, and then you have your luxury holiday. With our range of five-star resorts across many destinations, both short-haul and long-haul, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your next luxury jolly.

Where is the most luxurious holiday destination?

Luxury can be found around the world. Whether you're fancying a short-haul trip to the Balearics or going a bit further afield to the Maldives, we have a beautiful selection of ideal hotels for your search for a bit of luxury and relaxation. Think spas, infinity pools, white sand beaches and oceans so crystal blue we could just sit and stare at them all day. We also have a great selection of five-star resorts in the likes of Turkey, Greece and Spain.

Do all luxury holidays have long flights?

A lot of luxury holidays are in long-haul destinations that offer paradisical settings such as Barbados or the Dominican Republic. This means a longer flight time to get to where you want to get (but trust us, it's definitely worth it once you get there).

However, luxury can also be found closer to home. With beautiful five-star resorts across our short-haul and mid-haul destinations, you don't have to go further to get what you want. With gorgeous resorts in Greece, Turkey and more, that slice of luxury you long for may just be closer than you think.

Where do celebrities go on holiday?

Well, we're not paps but we kind of have a bit of the down low on where some celebs head on their holidays. We're talking about Sofia Vergara in Mykonos, Rihanna in Barbados or Gwenyth Paltrow in Majorca. Or you can head to one of our luxurious Maldives resorts and live like a celeb yourself.

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