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We're gonna be honest. Normally, we're not a fan of 'long' over here. Long days. Long queues. Long email chains with everyone and their dog CC'd in. No thanks. but long-haul holidays are something we can get behind. Mostly because we sell them, but also because they're great. Y'know, for all your sea-gazing, scuba-diving, drinking-straight-from-the-coconut needs. Or just some coaster-riding and skyscraper-gawping. That bit's on you. But what's on us is showing all of our holidays the same amount of love. That's why we offer the same low deposits for all our jollies (we're talking lower-than-the-final-round-of-beach-limbo low), and flexible payment plans are always an option. Plus, we love giving you more beach for your buck, so you can enjoy every last little drop of your holiday. And when there's a blanket, a comfy pillow and a tasty meal on the cards, long-haul flights are actually kind of chill. So, fancy swapping Benidorm for Barbados? Trading Majorca for the Maldives? Switching Turkey for Thailand? You get the idea.

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What's the food on long-haul flights *actually* like? How comfy are the seats? Do you get a TV screen? You didn't ask, but we've answered anyway. Check out our long-haul FAQs below for everything you need to know (and a few things you don't).

Long-haul FAQs

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Whether you're looking to go all-out with the luxury holiday of a lifetime, or just a great-value jolly to somewhere a bit further than your usual beach spot, we've got you covered. And we mean that literally. Every single one of our flight-inclusive package holidays is ATOL protected, so you can book with confidence. All you have to do is pick your dream beach holiday, then sit back, relax and brag to all your colleagues about it. Simple. And on top of that, we live and breathe our mantra to holiday more, pay less - so you can soak up maximum sun for minimum spend. The best way to holiday, if you ask us.

Holidays to the Caribbean

AKA, our fave kinda bean. Ever wanted to book a trip that'll make everyone you speak to instantly jel? Well, that's the effect of a Caribbean holiday (alongside tan lines and a severe craving for jerk chicken). St Lucia's got beaches straight out of a brochure and smack-you-in-the-face heat that's even more intense than when you open the oven door with your glasses on. And if you consider yourself more of an islander (no, not the 'Love' kind), then somewhere like the Dominican Republic or Barbados might tickle your pickle. (Barbados is the one they go to on Friends, when Monica's hair goes really big - in case you're wondering.) And if you literally can't wait for big hair, big beaches and big fun (don't blame you), then we've got loads of last-minute breaks just waiting to be snapped up - because why wait? Either way, we've picked a few of our best hotels in the Caribbean to kick off your search.

Mexico Holidays

There are LOADS of reasons we love Mexico, and tacos are just a few of them. If donning your dancing shoes (AKA Crocs) and drinking margaritas on the beach 'til the turtles come up sounds like your dream night, then first of all - high five, friend. And second of all - you're gonna love Cancun's party scene. If that's not your vibe though, don't worry - Mexico ain't no one-trick-pony. Riviera Maya is where you'll find white-sand beaches, all-inclusive resorts and suuuuper chilled yoga retreats. Because let's be honest, there's no better setting to practice your Downward Dog.

Dubai Holidays

There's a reason all the cool social media kids flock here. Dubai holidays have something for everyone - even your Auntie Carol. And if you don't have an Auntie Carol, just know there would be something here for her if you did. Everything's big in this place - big beaches, big shopping malls, big theme parks. It's the land of infinity pools and bottomless brunches, which, in the right order, is a winning combo. And speaking of winning combos - this place has the whole beachfront-city vibe, so you could be gawping up at the Burj Khalifa one minute, and getting down and sandy at Jumeirah Beach the next. So, if that's got you in the mood, we've kicked things off with a few of our favourite Dubai hotels below. Have at it.

Florida Holidays

There are two kinds of people. The ones who run a mile from Disney Adults because they give them the ick). Thankfully, whichever you are, you can always count on a holiday to Florida. If riding coasters until you're on the verge of vomming your lunch up, meeting your favourite characters and watching a firework display in front of Cinderella's castle sounds up your street, then you're in luck, because Walt Disney World has all that (and a bit extra). Or, if that sounds more tragical than magical to you, don't worry - Florida's got more than a cartoon mouse up its sleeve (although we're not sure why you'd need more than that, but you do you). Riverside markets to stock up on handmade gifts you'll probably regret buying. Wineries where you can swirl your glass around and pretend you know the difference between Dom Perignon and Aldi's finest. Beaches where you can flop down a towel and forget what work is. Y'know. All that good stuff.

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