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Cheap Lanzarote holidays

Cheap holidays

Wait, did someone just say cheap holidays to Lanzarote? Oh, you betcha! Lanzarote, that sun-kissed slice of Spanish paradise, is calling all sun worshipers, beach bums, and, let's be real, those who just want a fab Instagram pic. Let's talk deets. You want volcanoes? They've got 'em. Beaches? Pssht, as plentiful as cringey TikTok dances. And the prices? Honey, they're so low, even your bank account is gonna slide into your DMs with a "thank you". Dive into Lanzarote without taking a swan dive into debt thanks to these sizzlin' deals.

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Cheapest hotels in Lanzarote

We've scoured the island, and (spoiler alert!) found gems that won't have you auctioning off your limited-edition sneakers. Now, we're not talking about those hotels where you question if the sheets have been washed since the '90s. Nah, these spots are the bee's knees. Fresh, fab, and oh-so wallet-friendly. Plus, if you grab an all-inclusive spot in Lanzarote then you're making you cash go even further. So, pack that sunscreen and those oversized shades, because Lanzarote's waiting, and your bank account? It's ready to join the party without the morning-after regret

Cheap Lanzarote holidays for families

If you're plotting to take the fam-jam to Lanzarote without breaking the piggy bank then genius move! Lanzarote's not just for the lovebirds or solo wanderlusters. Nope, it's a fam-bam paradise. Imagine beaches so golden they make your kiddo's sandbox jealous. Water so clear, you can spot Nemo without the 3D glasses. And the best part? It's all wrapped up in a neat lil' budget-friendly package. We've hunted down deals that'll have even the teenagers nodding in approval (shocker, right?). So whether it's building sandcastles, chasing waves, or indulging in ice creams bigger than little Timmy's head, Lanzarote's got your family covered.

Cheap Lanzarote holidays for couples

Fancy a romantic escape to Lanzarote without burning through your "fancy date night" fund? Oh, we've got you. Lanzarote is where romance levels up. Picture this: sunsets that even your partner’s eyes can't rival (and that's saying something!), secluded beaches that make you forget Tinder ever existed, and cosy spots perfect for whispering sweet nothings. And here's the clincher: it won't cost you an arm and a leg (because, ya know, you might need those for slow dances). When you sip that wine under a canopy of stars, it'll taste like victory—budgetary and romantic.

People also asked...

How can I make a holiday to Lanzarote cheap?

Well, if we're not worried about being modest: book with us. If you're looking at least 45 days ahead, then you can whack a £30pp deposit down and take advantage of one of our flexible payment options to help spread the cost. Throw in our top deals and tons of options on flights and hotels, then making a holiday to Lanzarote cheap is pretty straightforward.

What is the cheapest month to go to Lanzarote?

We're always looking for little nuggets of info that help with getting more holiday for less buck and in Lanzarote, the cheapest time of year to visit is around September and October. This is out of peak season (aka the kids are back in school) and 'cause it's a Canary Island, it's still got scorchin' hot weather. If you want to maximise that sizzlin' tan topping time, though, consider travelling between May and August.

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