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Cheap places to go on holiday: Where budget meets bucket list

Scrolling through yet another listicle about celebrities' extravagant vacays, wondering when your own Instagram feed will be blessed with exotic palm trees or charming European streets? Well, buckle up! Let's talk cheap places to go on holiday where your wallet doesn't have to take one for the team.

First things first, if you're a bargain-hunting ninja (and who isn't these days?), you've gotta know when to pounce. Mark this in your calendar, tattoo it on your forearm, whatever: the cheapest day to book a holiday is Tuesday. Yep, good ol' Tuesday, a day otherwise known for absolutely nothing, is your VIP ticket to cheap flights and hotels.

Cheap weekends away

You don't need to fly halfway around the globe to feel like you've escaped. Cheap weekends away are the unsung heroes of refreshing your soul, even if it's just a quick jaunt across the ocean. No need to break the bank or even a sweat; pack a small bag and get ready for some cheap weekend holidays. Speaking of, ever considered a trip to Portugal?

What about holidays under £200? Now you might be thinking, "Holidays under 200? What's the catch?" No catch, Sherlock! Countries like Spain and Bulgaria offer a treasure trove of adventures, from lush landscapes to historical wonders. And if you're wondering where is cheap to go on holiday in 2024, keep an eye out for the latest deals on our site. They're hotter than a summer TikTok trend.

The BEST cheap holiday destinations

Your FOMO might be strong, but our cheapest deals are even stronger. We've got the lowdown on cheap hotels and flights, and we're talking cheap flight and hotel packages that you'd swipe right on. For the cheapest weekend getaways, think outside the typical tourist traps. Ever heard of Nessebar? No? Google it. Your wallet can thank us later.

Lucky enough to be living the student life right now? Your reading weeks and summer breaks deserve more than a Netflix binge. How does island hopping in Greece or snorkelling in Thailand sound for some serious Insta-cred? With a little hunting, you'll find cheap holiday destinations 2024-style, offering cheap flights and hotel packages that even your student loans won't complain about.

Great value holidays

Whether it’s cheap long weekend breaks or cheap places to go abroad, we’ve got your jolly plans sorted. Holidays under 500? Sure. Cheap hotel and flights? Done. Cheap flights and hotels packages? Say no more. We're all about getting More Beach for Your Buck here. So if you're sitting there, scrolling on your phone, dreaming of cheap summer holiday destinations, remember: life’s too short for boring holidays and too fabulous for overpriced ones. Keep that spirit high and those travel costs low, and you'll be globe-trotting like a pro.

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