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Cheap Holidays in August

Cheap holidays

Hey - if you wanna jet off in the hottest, most popular month of the year, who are we to judge? 😎 Especially when it's a month so iconic that Taylor Swift even wrote a song about it. And we know what you're thinking: doesn't peak summer also = peak prices? Well, sure, if you close this webpage and book somewhere else. But we're not about sky-high prices around here, so even though school's out and the sun's out, our hottest deals are also out. Thankfully, our cheap holibobs don't take a day off - not even in August 😇

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Cheapest August holidays

Big high-five to the Canaries, coming through with two-out-of-three of our crackin' summer deals. Knew we could count on the land of year-round sun, mile-long beaches and those crispy Canarian spuds. Talk about a triple threat. Speaking of triple threats - that's exactly what we've lined up for you below. Maximum summer vibes, minimum side eyes (from your wallet). Enjoy ✌️

Cheapest holidays to Greece in August

No, unfortunately having Greek salad as a side dish with your BBQ doesn't come anywhere close to a full-on Greek holibobs, where the weather's dreamier, the water's clearer, and the feta's creamier. Thankfully, we've rustled up some of our best deals, so even when you're travelling during peak Ouzo-sipping season, you don't have to worry about it breaking the bank.

Cheapest holidays to Majorca in August

Stick Majorca in the hall of fame for 'family hols,' because this baby's got it all. A pool/beach combo that's unmatched, weather that's warm but not sizzlin', and all-inclusive buffets that specialise in food for every mood. Doesn't matter if you fancy cute apartment vibes or a whopping hotel with entertainment you can hear halfway down the road - we've got some tippety-top deals so you can fiesta without the stress(ta). Too much? 😬

Cheapest Holidays to Turkey in August

If you're wondering where's hot in August, then...honey, most places are. But Turkey holidays might take the cake for having some real sizzlers when it comes to prime sunbathing conditions. The weather in Turkey's enough to have you strapping on your socks and sandals just thinking about it, but don't sweat it (if you can help it) - just because the sun's high, doesn't mean our prices are. Get your Turkish bargain below 👇

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