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You want it all, and we love that about you. You don't watch one episode a night - you binge the whole show in a day. You don't choose between two desserts on the menu - you order both. You don't dip your toe in the water - you dive straight in. All in. It doesn't matter who you're jetting off with - the kids for some family time, your other half for a couples' trip, or just your pals from work - an all-inclusive holiday is just what you need (trust us). Whether you book a classic summer holiday or some winter sun, all-inclusive holidays are ALWAYS all-inclusive (duh), which means your poolside beer, buffet dinner and water aerobics sesh are all taken care of. And if you missed out on an all-inclusive jolly last year (oops), how about you plan ahead this time and get that 2024 all-inclusive holiday SORTED? The only way we could make it easier is if you clicked your fingers and arrived straight there, but we haven't quite mastered that yet. Give us a year or so.

Go all-in

All-inclusive holidays? Top-tier. All-inclusive holidays booked with us? Even better. We're talking all the perks before you even get to the beach. Plus, we're always making sure our holiday shelves are fully-stocked with hotels for everyone - because 'all-inclusive' doesn't have to just mean an action-packed resort for the kids. Of course, it can mean waterparks, all-day ice cream and kids' clubs. But it can also mean beach clubs, rooftop à la carte restaurants and cocktail bars. The choice is yours...

Why choose On the Beach for your next All-Inclusive holiday?

Every year, over 1.5 million people trust us enough to book their beach jolly with us. We think it's because we're pretty OK at our jobs, but Andy from Marketing thinks it's because we talk about beaches and all-inclusive buffets all day. It could be the job thing, but it's probably the beach thing. Either way, if you fancy being part of the gang then we'd love to help you find the perfect hol. We've got flexible payment plans so you can pay your way, and there are no sneaky admin fees (we hate those). We've also got deposits as low as £30pp, so you can always book with confidence. And don't forget - we're the Home of Holiday Perks, which basically means we go out of our way to make sure your holiday is *extra* special. That's just how we roll.

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Best All-Inclusive hotels for 2024

You know when you order a '99, and the ice cream man starts asking if you want all the extras on it? Sherbert, sauce, chocolate flake. And we're like yeah, we do, but we don't wanna pay extra for it. Well, all-inclusive holidays are like the ice cream WITH the sauce, and the sherbert and the flake - only you don't have to pay any extra! So, if you fancy the holiday equivalent of a '99 with all the toppings this year, we've handpicked some of our fave hotels to start you off. Where are you heading in 2024? Us? Well, we're off to the pool bar for an ice cream...

Best destinations for All-Inclusive holidays

Just like Pitbull (the singer, not the dog), all-inclusive holidays go worldwide. Whether it's Costa del Sol in Spain, Kefalonia in Greece or the Algarve in Portugal, we've probably snapped up an impressive all-inclusive deal there. That means you'll be pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to finally choosing where you'll be flopping a beach towel down. Check out some of our top all-inclusive destinations below. Spoiler: they're all great.

All-Inclusive package holidays

Sure, an all-inclusive holiday means all your food, drink and entertainment is sorted - but what about all that boring faffing about you need to do before you get there? Like booking flights? And adding luggage? Well, because we're absolute angels sent down from beachy heaven, we've got loads of all-inclusive package holidays, so we'll take care of all that and you can put your feet up way before you get on that sun lounger. Peep some of our fave hotels below for a flight-inclusive package holiday.

💡 Our Top Tip!

All-inclusive holidays are always a shout, but if you've got the whole fam in tow, you gotta do it the right way. And by that, we mean...the Turkey way. All-inclusive hotels in Turkey are known for being full to the brim with value. All-day food (literally - Google 'midnight soup'), non-stop activities and waterparks actually worth shouting about. Stuff to keep you, the kids and even the grandparents happy - all under one roof. The dream.

Top All-Inclusive holidays for couples

If you go all-inclusive for your couples' holiday, then it means you can spend less time counting cash, deciding where to eat and Googling 'cheap bars near me', and more time *actually* enjoying your time together. Fancy some tapas and sangria in Spain? A nice bottle of Mythos with a side of souvlaki in Greece? Tagine and a bit of shikhat in Morocco? (That's belly-dancing, FYI.) Well, when everything's laid out in front of you, it's easy to have all of that. Take your pick from these all-inclusive hotels, perfect for a bit of downtime for three. Wait - are we not invited?

Top All-Inclusive holidays for families

Keeping the little ones (and the big ones) entertained on holiday is always a worry. Will there be enough activities? Will there be entertainment at night? Will there be snacks between meals? Well, let us save you some time: on an all-inclusive holiday, the answer is yes, yes and YES. The only thing you need to worry about is enjoying it. And maybe bringing a lilo. That's not included.

Holiday more, pay less with On the Beach

Budget-friendly All-Inclusive holidays

Forget the cash - the only thing we'll be splashing on our jollies is Sunbathing Sally when we dive-bomb into the pool. By accident, obviously. Sorry Sal. The point is, not only does an all-inclusive holiday ALREADY mean you'll barely have to put your hand in your pocket, but our flexible payment options and low deposits (like, £30pp low) mean your next beach break could be just around the corner. We've got loads of cheap holidays to snap up - but if you're bad at choosing, we've done most of the leg work by picking out a few of our faves below...

All-Inclusive holidays to Greece

Greece is an absolute corker of a beach destination. Between the sandy beaches, cute little old towns and all that feta, it's the recipe for a pretty fan-dabi-dozi holiday. Whether you're looking to hit the mainland or venture out to one of the islands, all-inclusive holidays in Greece are just where it's at.

Hotel Highlight

Sol Katmandu Park & Resort - Magaluf, Majorca

If 'fun for all the fam' was a hotel, this would be it. It's got three pools and a waterpark. And amusement attractions - like a 4D experience and themed rides. And a pick 'n' mix stand where you can help yourself. And build-your-own-burgers in the restaurant. Trust us, everyone's gonna be happy here - from the little ones to the big kids. (We're looking at you, Dad.)

Sol Katmandu  is our hotel highlight, with deposits from £30pp (restrictions apply). Take advantage of our wonderful product offer and payment plans to get your next sunny beach break.

All-Inclusive holidays to Turkey

We don't like to size-shame, but Turkey's HUGE, so that means all the more opportunity to offer some cracking all-inclusive hotels. From Bodrum to Antalya and Dalaman, this place has something up its sleeve for every beach-lover. All-inclusive holidays to Turkey are all about great value (our fave thing ever). Waterparks? Huge. Entertainment? Every night. Food? Bring elasticated trousers. What you want, when you want it. That's how we roll, and that's how Turkey rolls (yum - can you tell we're writing this at lunchtime?). Anyway, these hotels are great:

All-Inclusive holidays to the Canary Islands

No matter how many young, new beach destinations come on the map, the Canaries are still a long-standing favourite with us Brits. They're like the sausage roll at Greggs. Doesn't matter how many 'festive bakes' or pizza slices get added to the mix - sometimes (most of the time), you can't beat the good ol' classic. Well, whether you go for TenerifeGran CanariaLanzarote or Fuerteventura, there's one thing we can guarantee about an all-inclusive holiday to the Canary Islands. You can leave your umbrella and your big coat at home, because they're bathed in year-round sunshine. It doesn't matter when you plan on jetting off, pool days are 100% guaranteed. Shades on. Beer in hand. Bosh.

We blog about beaches...

We live beaches, we breathe beaches, and we also blog about 'em. So if you just can't get enough of all that holiday talk, pop the kettle on and grab yourself a cuppa before diving into one of these beachy blogs...

Looking for more holiday inspiration?

If you've managed to get this far and you still haven't booked a holiday, then you practically deserve a medal. Almost. Thankfully, we've got even more inspo for you below. You might as well go ahead and put that annual leave request in now...


What is an All-Inclusive holiday?

It is a holiday where your meals and drinks are included in the total cost you pay. This means that everything is all sorted for you before you arrive. In some cases, activities and entertainment might even be included too.

Where are the best destinations for All-Inclusive holidays?

All-inclusive holidays are found wherever there’s sun, sea and sand. Spain, Greece and Turkey are popular, but there are plenty of places all over the world that are great for going all in. Here are some of our favourites - Canary Islands, Cape VerdeCyprusEgypt, Greece, MadeiraMalta, Spain, Turkey, UAE.

What are the cheapest All-Inclusive destinations?

The cheapest destinations vary by season. Book in advance to get good value in the Canaries and the Balearics. The Costa del Sol in Spain and Turkey are also brilliant for getting more bang for your buck.

Is an All-Inclusive holiday worth it?

In a word: YES. If you dine and drink at your chosen hotel, it is totally worth it. Take full advantage of buffets and snack times and you’ll have saved yourself plenty of pennies. Some hotels even include unlimited ice creams for kids – if that’s not worth it, we don’t know what is.

Do All-Inclusive holidays include alcohol?

All-inclusive offerings differ from hotel to hotel. Most of the time some form of alcoholic drinks will be included in your all-inclusive board basis and you can also upgrade to premium drinks including international beers and spirits at an extra cost. For more information, we advise checking the relevant hotel.

What are my payment options with On the Beach?

You can pay in instalments and spread the cost of your holiday up to 4 weeks before the date of departure.

What protection does On the Beach offer?

All of our flight-inclusive package holiday customers continue to be protected by the ATOL scheme and all of our customers’ hotel and transfer monies in relation to such packages are secured in a regulated, ring-fenced trust account.

For more information about your protection when booking with On the Beach please see our protection promise page.