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Your guide to family holidays

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. We want to make your holiday run as smoothly as possible so we've rounded up everything you need to know about family holidays in one place. Explore our favourite family hotels, top tips for travelling with the little ones and some of our essential hacks for holidaying as a family...

Family holidays: what you need to know...

How to pack for a family holiday in one suitcase

We've teamed up with Karen Edwards (Travel Mad Mum) to show you how to pack for a family holiday in one suitcase. Having travelled the world twice on maternity leave straight after her little ones were born, Karen now writes her top tips, product reviews and destination guides to help other travel loving families to realise they do not need to stop exploring when they become parents.

Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Karen from Travel Mad Mum and I’ve travelled the world extensively with my two kids and today I’ve been asked to show you how to pack for the whole family of four for a beach holiday for a week into one checked luggage with 20kg. So that’s the whole family in one bag and we have everything you could possibly need here. Have a look.

    Swimming outfits (kids’ x 4)
    Shoes (kids’ x 2)
    Sunhats (kids’ x 2)
    Tops (kids’ x 11)
    Babygrows (x 7)
    Dresses (kids’ x 3)
    Shorts (kids’ x 5)
    Jumpers ((kids’ x 2)
    Trousers (kids’ x 3)
    Sunglasses (kids’ x 2)
    Socks (kids’ x 4 pairs)
    Underwear (kids’ x 14)
    Bibs (x 4)
    Dresses (adults’ x 3)
    Shoes (adults’ x 5)
    Short (adults’ x 4)
    Swimming outfits (adults’ x 4)
    Tops (adults’ x 14)
    Underwear (adults’ x 14)
    Bras x (2)
    Socks (adults’ x 4 pairs)
    Trousers (adults’ x 3)
    Sunglasses (adults’ x 2)
    Baby wipes (x 2)
    Cuddly toys (x 2)
    Travel bags of toys (x 2)
    Children’s books (x 4)
    Kids eating utensils (x 2)
    Beach towels (x 4)
    Beach bag
    Hair straighteners
    First aid kit
    Make up
    Toothbrushes (x 4)
    Adult toothpaste
    Kids toothpaste
    Shower gel
    Body lotion
    Sun screen factor 50
    Sun screen factor 30
    After sun
    Hand cream
    Lip balm
    Shaving foam
    Men’s razor
    Women’s razor
    Washing powder tablets
    Menstrual cup
    Insect repellent
    Hair bands
    Hair flower grip
    Phone battery pack
    SLR camera
    Tablet with charger
    Laptop with charger
    Phone chargers (x 2)
    WiFi solace
    Travel adapter
    Kids’ life jacket
    Pool drinks holders (x 2)
    Inflatable beach ball
  • Use colour-coded packing cubes for each family member. This will create defined space for everyone’s clothes
  • Tightly fold or roll clothes to save space
  • Pack clothes than you can dress up or down
  • Decant moisturiser or shower gel into small bottles or waterproof pouches
  • Thin, quick drying towels double up as blankets and play mats
  • Stuff shoes with chargers, cables, socks and sunglasses
  • You can use vacuum bags for bulkier items, like jackets and baby blankets
Thank you for watching this video about how to pack for a four person family into one checked luggage for a seven night beach holiday. Let’s check the kg. Just under 19kg. Just under, there we go. Thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe. Bye! Book your perfect family holiday with On the Beach -

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