2 Jul 2017

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Family Holidays Egypt

If you have a family you probably spend a long time before each holiday trying to find that perfect destination. Somewhere that has everything you require of a family holiday, exciting and new things for the children to discover, enjoyable activities for the adults and an environment conducive to family harmony.

Holidays to Egypt offer all of these things and more, from the ancient archaeological sites and cultural centres to extreme water sports and lively nightlife.

Entertaining children on holiday can be a problem; in Egypt there are so many new things for them to discover that they will be amused for days. What could be more fascinating to a child than exploring the cursed tomb of Tutankhamun or puzzling over the construction of the great Pyramids and the imposing Sphinx? Of course, adults will enjoy these things too, that’s what makes a family holiday to Egypt special, there are so many things that can be enjoyed by the family as a whole!

Adults can try their hand at scuba diving in what is generally regarded to be some of the finest dive spots in the world. Alternatively you could try sailing and windsurfing or just lazing on a sun drenched beach.

Family Friendly Egypt Holidays

Almost all of the luxury hotels in Egypt offer child care and kids clubs to help relieve the adults of their parental duties now and again so that they can relax and enjoy themselves safe in the knowledge that their children are being taken care of and are having a fun time. Family friendly resorts can be found all over Egypt, it could be said that Egypt is the ultimate family destination due to the wealth of activities and the quality of family friendly resorts available.

Taking an all inclusive holiday at any one of the any of the top class hotels such as the ever popular Three Corners Rihana Inn and resort or Sheraton Luxor Resort could add further benefits to your family holiday. You would not have to worry about endlessly supplying young children with pocket money for food, drinks and entertainment as this is included in the price, along with that useful child minding service!

As a family friendly holiday destination nowhere could be more perfect than Egypt, an exotic location packed full of new and exciting activities for the whole family and all available at a reasonable price. The luxury resorts and hotels in places such as Luxor, Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are not only family friendly, they are priced well and offer exceptional value for money for family groups.

Choosing Egypt as a family holiday destination makes perfect sense, a holiday of a lifetime awaits each and every family member. If you would like to book your holiday online, simply start by entering your information into the our live booking system and we'll do all the work for you. Should you have any questions about Egypt, give out experienced sales team a call for help.