5 Star Egypt Hotels

Egypt is hard to beat as an exotic holiday destination. From the world renowned water sports centre of Sharm el Sheikh to the cultural and archaeological sites found in Luxor and the vibrant nightlife and local culture to be found in Hurghada there is surely something to suit everybody.


The stable climate makes holidays to Egypt a year round sunshine destination, an ideal beach holiday where you can top up your sun tan any time of the year. This combination of historical sites and fun activities makes Egypt a wonderful destination for a family. Indeed many activities can be enjoyed by all age groups, making Egypt a very special place for you and your whole family.


5 star hotels in Egypt are abundant and can be booked with On the Beach at prices much cheaper than their counterparts in many other major holiday destinations. Ideal for wedding, couples or people celebrating other family events, Egypt offers not only luxury but diversity. When leaving your 5 star hotel you will be met by the truly 5 star surroundings. Often cited as the world's largest open air museum, Egypt certainly does not fail to impress!


5 Star Hotels Egypt

5 Star Hotels in Egypt

We all know that there are 5 star hotels and then there are 5 star hotels; but all the luxury resorts to be found in Egypt are of a high quality whilst maintaining an affordable price. Choose an all inclusive holiday for even higher levels of carefree recreation.


Overall, Egypt is an ideal world class holiday destination with 5 star hotels available that will please even the most choosy traveller and and provide an unforgettable experience. To look into your choice of luxury hotels, start by using our live online booking system. If you have any questions, please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.