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Trianta Holidays

Trianta Holidays

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If you're looking for Greece holidays with plenty of traditional Greek character, you will love a break in Trianta. The town is located between a mountain and an ancient town called Lalyssos, which is also the name for the municipality as a whole that Trianta is situated in.

Located on the northwestern coast of Rhodes at a distance of about 7 kilometres from Rhodes Town, Trianta is a resort that's truly suitable for all ages. It has the second largest population on Rhodes at 12,000 people, but despite this, it's still characteristically tranquil, and would make an ideal setting for a family holiday. Watersports fanatics will also feel especially at home; being located on the northwestern coast, Trianta receives good breezy weather, which is why it's so popular with fans of windsurfing.

With ample opportunities for observing the local culture in the markets, excursions, and a host of locations to spend your evening, the memory of a Rhodes holiday in Trianta will stay with you for a long time!

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Trianta Weather

Fans of windsurfing rejoice! Trianta's location on the northwestern coast means it is the perfect location to practice, even during the summer months of July and August. Around this time though you can still expect lots of sunshine, as temperatures average about 29° Celsius in the daytime, with very little chance of rain. The winds usually pick up around 3pm and 6pm, which is the most popular time to go windsurfing. This particular fact might especially please those who aren't fans of the heat. They'll have the benefit of a good sunny day whilst also knowing that cool weather is just around the corner! The evenings in Trianta will also prove enjoyable; typically balmy, you can expect a temperature of around 22° Celsius. There will still be breezes at this time, but during summer it's unlikely to be cold.

If you'd like to visit in Spring you'll find breezy weather is more frequent, but the temperature will still be a comfortable 22° Celsius, and you'll still get a good 7 hours of bright sunlight during the day!

Jan 12ºC
Feb 12ºC
Mar 14ºC
Apr 19ºC
May 23ºC
Jun 26ºC
Jul 30ºC
Aug 30ºC
Sep 24ºC
Oct 20ºC
Nov 15ºC
Dec 13ºC


With a marvellous blue sea, stunning beach and an awesome mountain, Trianta just ticks the checklist of what anyone would want to view whilst visiting a Greek village. The town is awash with all forms of natural beauty, with a clear blue sky hanging overhead. The architecture in Trianti is relatively modern, yet not at all imposing or ugly; development seems to have been considered thoughtfully, for many buildings are subtle and not at all grotesque so as not to detract from the natural beauty of the village.

As such a bustling village, the centre of town is quite dense, with narrower streets. Outside of town however, as you head to the ancient town of Lalyssos, the landscape changes dramatically; the area gets much hillier, which makes it ideal for a bracing walk. Among parched fragments of earth you can expect to find orange trees, olive groves, and even small fields that sometimes contain livestock.

Things To Do on Trianta Holidays

Watersports, especially windsurfing, are hugely popular in Trianta, so join in! There is a range of classes on offer for everyone including beginners, meaning fun in the sun is guaranteed! If watersports aren't your thing though, you'll be glad to know that Trianta has plenty of alternative options for a day out.

If you'd like an excursion, the main city of Rhodes Town is just 7 kilometres away, and offers a plethora of ancient sights to explore that will keep you entranced all day, as well as a great shopping experience. If you'd like to stay local however, try climbing to the top of Mount Filerimos. The summit of this magnificent mountain will reward you with views over the entire town - ideal for photography fans!

The ruins of the ancient town of Lalyssos are also close by. The ancient town features a host of formidable ruins, which are still visible today. Make sure to view the foundations of the temple of Zeus and Athena. These are especially popular, so you might like to go early to avoid the crowds!


Like nearby Rhodes Town, Trianta is lucky to possess a captivating history through being located next to ancient Lalyssos. Lalyssos was one of three ancient Dorian cities who settled there about 1100 BC, and the village became recognised as inhabited by individuals with immense worth, including an Olympic winner. The ruins of this ancient city are still visible, and will make a fantastic family day out. For more of Rhodes' history, make sure to visit Rhodes Town and Lindos for World Heritage sights!

Trianta is a village hugely proud of its cultural calendar, and every year the locals make the effort to celebrate appropriately. If you're visiting in September, look out for the Feast of Panagia Tsampika, which takes place on the 8th. Thousands of people will be out in force to celebrate the Mother of God the Virgin Mary with a great feast in the centre of the village, so make sure you ask locals for details! Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the celebrations so don't fret about joining in.

In August you can partake in the Ialyssia festival, which takes place in the first two weeks of the month. This is a cultural celebration, and in its duration you'll be able to watch concerts by the local children as well as traditional Greek music by local bands - an experience you won't want to miss!


One of Trianta's most enjoyable features is its quaint nightlife, which exemplifies the spirit of Greek culture. To really get involved, head down to the centre of town at sunset to any one of the local restaurants on offer. Inside, you're sure to view the charming and welcoming locals enjoying the selection of cuisine on offer. After this, you might like to sample the delights of a traditional Greek tavern, which will serve you with delicious exotic drinks the like of which you've never tried before!

You're also advised to check out the entertainment your Rhodes hotel has on offer, which is well suited for families and elderly couples. There are also a few nightclubs in town if you're looking to party. These are usually open from 11pm until around 4am, but you'd be advised to visit Faliraki if you really want a wild night out for a greater abundance of clubs and bars.

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Trianta is a culturally thriving village that offers you great food, great scenery and a great atmosphere. It'll cater for anyone who is active with its watersports and historical sights, or anyone who just wants to chill out on the beach and enjoy the view! If you're looking for a Rhodes holiday, book now with On The Beach! We'll find you great hotels in Trianta with great flight deals too with our convenient live booking system!