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Crete: not just the birthplace of Zeus, but also the location of your next sun-drenched, feta-filled adventure! Too cocky? Keep reading, and you'll understand our confidence. From neon-lit nights in Malia to chilled family hangs in Chania, this Grecian gem is all about variety with a capital V. Need a deep dive? Grab your snorkel, 'cause the Cretan culture runs deep (and not just the-bottom-of-your-tzatziki-pot deep). History buffs, sun worshippers, and everyone in between – Crete's got a lil something for ya. And hey, no need to break the piggy bank - we've got a bunch of cheap Crete holibobs for you to have a nosy at (no need to blow your life savings), and we've got all the inspo below to get you in the mood...

Best beaches in Crete

Crete's shoreline isn't just about sand between your toes; it's a dramatic soap opera of nature's sandy goodness. Forget your beach bod; bring your beach appetite! Crete's coast is serving up sandy realness. Ever seen a pink beach? Head to Elafonisi Beach and drop that jaw. And for a touch of Caribbean in the Med (perfect for all you long-haul flight phobes), Vai's palm-tree forest beach is where. it's. at.

Best hotels in Crete

Seeking luxury without the royal price tag? We feel ya. Check out these bad boys for some guaranteed 'wow' factor:

  • Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa - yeah, it's a bit on the spenny side, but it's WORTH it for the non-stop all-inclusive goodness, the mahoosive Insta-worthy pool and jaw-dropping rooms with everything from private pools to remote-control curtains. We stayed here, too, so we know what we're talking about.

  • Mitsis Rinela Beach & Spa - boujee, but fam-friendly boujee. The kiddos will have a field day here (and so will you), with huge pools, delish restaurants (yep, more than one), a spa and a swanky wine-and-sushi bar for when the youngsters are at kids' club.

  • Gouves Water Park Holiday Resort - water babies, prepare yourselves. You'll have more pools and waterslides than you can shake a lilo at here, along with a ton of food options and plenty of entertainment for the kids.

  • Rethymno Village - a bit more on the budget-friendly scale, with a big ol' pool for dunking into, a stacked buffet restaurant and cosy rooms with all the mod cons.

All Inclusive holidays to Crete

Why worry about the next meal when Crete can serve it up on a silver platter – with drinks! That's what all-inclusive jollies are all about. Dive fork-first into scrummy buffet spreads where the tzatziki is bottomless and the ouzo flows like water. Trust us, once you've had a taste of an all-inclusive Crete holiday, there's no going back. Oh, and for peace of mind? Our flight-inclusive packages come with a trusty ATOL safety net.

2024 holidays to Crete

Already got those 2024 vibes? We're right there with you! Crete's gearing up for another scorching year of memories, myths, and maybe a few too many cocktails... The early bird not only gets the worm (metaphorically, relax), but also the best beach spot and primo hotel deals. Whether you've got your eye on the mainland or a cheeky island break, we've got a ton of hotels to tickle your fancy in 2024.

Family holidays to Crete

From pirate adventures on the high seas to treasure hunts in historic ruins – this Greek gem's got the whole crew covered for a family holiday to Crete. Destinations like Gouves and Chania are like playgrounds for the kiddos with top-notch beaches, while Agios Nikolaos and Elounda are decked out with action-packed resorts. Bonus: the ice creams here? Totally Insta-worthy.

Couples holidays to Crete

Thinking of reenacting The Notebook? (Minus the heartbreaking ending, obvs.) Crete’s your stage. Stroll hand-in-hand through the cobbled streets of Rethymnon, share a gelato (or two) in Chania, or find a secret spot in Elounda to watch the sunset. Couple's selfie with a side of Greek charm? Yes, please! That's what couples' holidays in Crete are all about, baby.

Party holidays in Crete

Got your dancing shoes ready? Malia's ready to groove! Whether it's the electric DJ nights or the tranquil tavernas where a Greek granny might teach you how to dance like a local, Crete’s nightlife is the gift that keeps on giving for all you party animals. For a mix of wild and mellow, you can explore bars in Agios Nikolaos and Hersonissos – they've got tunes for every mood.

Popular Crete hotels

Weather in Crete

























This Mediterranean stunner is a right show-off, throwing out cosy temps of 20-30°C for most of the year. Picture it: you, roasting gently under the Greek sun, the sea nipping at your toes, or chasing the ghost of Zeus around ancient ruins. What a laugh!

But here's the thing. The weather in Crete ain’t all cocktails and floaty kaftans. Along comes winter (that’s December to February for you sun-seekers) with temps dropping to a nippy 10-15°C. Might even be a rain shower or two. Bit of a mood killer, right? Nah, think of it as the perfect backdrop for scoffing moussaka and downing a raki or two!

When summer struts in (May to October), that’s when Crete gets her glad rags on. Clear blue skies, toasty sands, and a sea that just begs you to dive in. Absolute Instagram gold, mate!

Then there’s the shoulder seasons – spring and autumn. A mild 15-25°C, they’re just the ticket for strolling around Cretan towns, pretending you're on a movie set

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How long does it take to fly to Crete?

It takes about four hours to fly to Crete from the UK.

What’s the time difference between the UK and Crete?

Crete is two hours ahead of the time in the UK.

What currency do they use in Crete?

The official currency of Crete is the Euro.

What language do they speak in Crete?

The official language spoken in Crete is Greek.