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Cala Blanca Holidays

Cala Blanca Holidays

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If you're looking to spend your time in a quiet but contemporary resort, then Cala Blanca holidays are a very good option. This sun-soaked town, located on the west coast of Menorca, is a fairly large resort, but is still very quaint and peaceful. It's located only 5 kilometres from the old capital of Menorca, Ciutadella, and 50 kilometres from the current capital, Mahon.

Cala Blanca was only built in the early 1990's to cope with Menorca's increasing tourist population, and as such offers all the pleasures one would expect from their Menorca holidays, from gorgeous beaches and popular restaurants to modern hotels and also a good shopping district. As quite a sleepy village it'd be the perfect choice for families who are looking for a peaceful holiday but want to visit somewhere new.

So if you're looking for rest and relaxation with charming contemporary architecture and great scenery, holidays to Cala Blanca are for you and your family!

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Cala Blanca Weather

Menorca has an average of around 330 days of bright sun a year due to its Mediterranean environment, with an average summer temperature of around 30° Celsius, with 10 hours of sunlight. These temperatures are prone to rise in August though, so if you want to soak up the sun then visiting this time will be ideal for you.

If that sounds a little high however, then you'll be pleased to know that Menorca as a whole enjoys good breezes, even in the summer months, providing respite from the high temperatures, while evening weather will be around a considerably cooler but still very warm 24° Celsius. If you're planning to go on Cala Blanca holidays outside of the summer months, you'll be pleased to know that the weather remains warm all year round, making it ideal to visit at any time. During these months the wind will be more evident, with more chances of rainfall, but even in October the humidity is quite high, making wintertime often very mild and sunny.

Jan 13ºC
Feb 15ºC
Mar 16ºC
Apr 18ºC
May 21ºC
Jun 24ºC
Jul 27ºC
Aug 27ºC
Sep 26ºC
Oct 20ºC
Nov 16ºC
Dec 13ºC


Built only in the 1990's, Cala Blanca's architectural landscape will please anyone who likes contemporary yet stylish and elegant architecture. Many of the resorts whitewashed hotels and homes are modern yet sit seamlessly amongst the natural landscape. The centre of town meanwhile is similarly quaint; well pedestrianised, it's great for those with mobility problems, while the small bars dotted around the quiet streets will entice anyone to spend an hour or two people watching.

The beach is also wonderful; framed by pine trees and rugged rocks, its clean and crystal clear waters will amaze you. Outside of town the earth becomes a lot more rugged and parched, so if you're a fan of natural landscapes then a walk here will be a great experience!

Things To Do on Cala Blanca Holidays

Though a noticeably relaxed town, holidays in Cala Blanca still offer a range of attractions that'll keep everyone busy all day. Kids especially will love the small but very beautiful beach, a fabulous stretch of golden sand lined by pine trees with a water slide to keep them amused for hours! After this you might like to hire a pedal boats to explore the sea. Shopaholics will be happy as the centre of town in the Maribel area is home to a good shopping district, with plenty of souvenir stores. Many stores also sell UK-branded goods - ideal for the homesick!

If you'd like to explore Menorca further meanwhile, why not make use of the local bus services to travel to the old capital, Ciutadella? Not only is it good for shopping, but it's also home to lots of grand 17th Century buildings, which will keep history fans very happy.


Due to its construction in the early 1990's, Cala Blanca's relative modernity means it doesn't possess a good deal of ancient sites, though these are more evident in the capital Mahon, and especially nearby Ciutadella. Known as Menorca's religious centre, Ciutadella has an amazing history; in 1558 it was conquered by the Turkish Armada after a siege that lasted 8 days, with only a few hundred men defending it. 3,099 of those who survived this siege were then captured and sold as slaves in Turkey.

Nowadays, the town is well regarded for its medieval charm; make sure to visit the Cathedral of Menorca, which was built on the site of a mosque, and completed in 1287.

Though Cala Blanca is a modern and contemporary location, you'll find cultural practices dating back to the 14th Century. The villagers love to celebrate the festivals of their Saints, so if you're heading out in January you'll be able to visit the first festival of the year, the Fiesta De Sant Antono. Taking place on the 17th, you can expect lots of music and feasts. On the same day Ciutadella hosts an annual agricultural and handicraft fair, which is the perfect opportunity to pick up some good keepsakes!

If you're visiting in summer, look out for the fiesta Any De sa Desgracia in Ciutadella on July 9th , which commemorates the town's brutal destruction after Turkish troops invaded in 1558.


Cala Blanca is a relatively small town, so like many other resorts in Menorca, family-orientated and humorous evening entertainent will be provided by your hotel. This of course isn't obligatory though, so get down to the centre of town!

Cala Blanca is quite lucky to possess a good few bars and restaurants, which are very lively in the evening. Some of them are located in picturesque locations right next to the beach, and offer music, drinks, good food and plenty of friendly atmosphere, making it a great evening out for families with young kids and elderly people.

For younger people who want to dance the night away, a visit to nearby Cala Santandria is a must. Located next to Cala Blanca, it features a club that is very popular with young people from both villages.

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If your ideal break away is one that is undiscovered, relaxing, and with lots of beautiful sights, then a holiday in Cala Blanca will be ideal for you. With good restaurants, a family-friendly atmosphere, and plenty of opportunities for exploring neighbouring towns, Cala Blanca offers you an experience of Menorca the likes of which you've never seen before.

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