Top 6 Winter Snow Sports on the Beach

Winter has its place, an’ all… But we still prefer winter-sun beach holidays than those in the cold snow.

We’re here to prove that whatever you find on a winter holiday you can find 100% better on the beach. You don’t have to miss out on any winter sports whilst on your beach holiday… We say: you can do winter snow sports on the beach.

1 – Snow sledding vs. body-boarding

They have their similarities. The main difference is that when you’re sledding you’re wrapped up in all your woolly accessories with the frost trying to nibble at your toes. The other option is to head to the beach! Imagine the sun shining on your summer skin as you paddle in the temperate ocean. I know what I’d prefer.

Surfing near the beach

2 – Snowboarding vs. surfing

Both are brilliant for cardiovascular exercise. When you’re snowboarding you can burn up to 450 calories per hour! Add the sunshine into the mix and you’ll be burning even more, though. Your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves help to ride the surfboard whilst your core holds you upright and your arms engage to help you balance. If you’re into fitness whilst you’re on holiday, you can read more here.

3 – Snowball fighting vs. dodgeball

A cheeky snowball fight with the gang is fun, we admit. But who wants to be stung by ice cold snow?! Instead of dodging dirty, rock-hard balls of snow and ice, we prefer friendly beach-balls instead. Dodgeball is a classic game perfect for playing on the beach in big or small groups.

Snowballs on a beach holiday

4 – Snow Rugby vs. Tag Rugby

Have you noticed how the rugby covered on mainstream sports channels is never really done in the snow? It’s because everyone knows it’s better in the sunshine. How about getting a gang together and playing tag rugby on the beach? Nothing is softer to fall on than powdery sand.

5 – Skiing vs. jet-skiing

Both activities are great for adrenaline junkies who want to glide through water (in whatever form) at great speed. Rather than falling-with-style from the top of a snowy slope to the bottom, get your hands on an electronically powered jet-ski and pretend to be James Bond, spritzed with fresh ocean dew. It’s one of our top beach watersports!

Fishing near the beach

6 – Ice fishing vs. fishing

Option 1: sitting on a frozen lake wearing multiple layers of therma-gear, trying to clutch at a mug of hot cocoa and your fishing rod at the same time. Sounds hard, doesn’t it. Option 2: chilling on a charming fishing boat off the Balearic coast, with your jam playing on the distant beach whilst you catch a colourful whopper of a fish. No competition.


In short… when you go on a snowy holiday, you may be able to ski, snowboard and have snowball fights. But you can’t lie around on a sunny beach.

Go on a sunny beach holiday, however, and you can have it all. Book your beach holiday today!


Have you ever tried snow sports on the beach? Do you have any pictures to share with us?

Written on 23rd November 2015 by

Kiran Flynn

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