Why your next holiday should be to Malta

Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean archipelago of three islands, which certainly aren’t as quiet as you might imagine. This island nation boasts some of the best scuba-diving, food, festivals and bars in Europe. Enough said, right? We think so, but just in case you need convincing here’s why you should book your next holiday to this charming set of islands.

The weather’s amazing

A small island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea? Of course it’s going to have great weather all year round. With temperatures reaching more than 30°C in summer and rarely dropping below the mid-teens in winter months, Malta is an all-year-round holiday destination. Ice cream and no coat in January? We’re definitely ready to pack our bags.

The beaches are fantastic

After golden sands, crystal-clear waters and a lush backdrop? Look no further than the Maltese islands. Whether you’re longing for a popular hotspot like the beautiful Golden Bay or fancy something a little more off the beaten track like tranquil Ghajn Tuffieha, you’ll experience a beach day like no other.

Take a quick speedboat ride over to the smallest of the islands, Comino for a mesmerising experience of the white sands and shallow, turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon. Comino, is a relatively uninhabited island, with just four residents it makes the perfect location to relax, explore hidden coves and starfish under the sun’s rays.

More festivals than you can shake a stick at

This isn’t the UK where you need to pack a good pair of wellies and a waterproof jacket. In Malta you can dance to your hearts content in a pair of flip flops and swimming costume. The most popular festivals which attract plenty of Brits take place in Spring and Summer, with firm favourites being AMP Lost & Found, Isle of MTV and Abode on the Rock.

The festivals take place in amazing locations around the islands, including insane castle raves and beach parties. Once the festival fun has ended you can explore the bucket-list spots around the islands.

An island with foodies in mind

A visit to a Mediterranean island wouldn’t be complete without an array of delicious food. Expect fresh fish dishes, mouthwatering pasta and delicious salads. Traditional Maltese dishes include octopus and stuffat tal-fenek, rabbit stew. You’ll have generous servings, accompanied by freshly baked Maltese bread (hobz) which is a delicious crusty sourdough bloomer, often baked in wood ovens.

The Maltese love their food, which is the result of a 7,000-year relationship with the many civilisations who have occupied the Maltese Islands. A firm favourite amongst locals is the pastizzi, you’ll find these on most cafe menus and even small street stalls scattered around the islands. It’s a traditional savoury filo pastry filled with either rich ricotta cheese or mushy peas. Recently, these Maltese snacks have been given a sweeter twist, with Nutella and Kinder Bueno taking these treats by a storm.

Eating your way through Malta can be thirsty work. So have a sip or two of delicious Maltese wine. Alternatively give the nation’s soft drink (Kinnie) a try. It’s a bit like Marmite, you either love or hate this bittersweet orange drink.

Party central, aka Paceville

If you’re after a clubbing night out or fancy a few drinks after a delicious meal in the St Julian’s area, Paceville is the place to be. Being the main nightlife hub on the island, you’ll find a wide choice of bars, clubs and restaurants which stay open until the next morning.

Just around the corner from Paceville is the Portomaso Business Tower, the tallest building on the island, and on the 22nd floor you’ll find Twenty-Two, an exclusive nightclub and lounge bar with a spectacular view. For a chilled atmosphere, delicious cocktails and some of the best views on the island, this is certainly the place to be.

Village Festas

As a heavily Catholic country, the yearly calendar in Malta is heavily focused around holy events, making Easter and Christmas very special festivities. Aside from those, the island has a festa season, which is made up of a series of extended weekends where the towns and villages celebrate the feast of its patron saint.

The festa season runs from the end of May all the way through to the middle of September. You’ll see bright banners, decorated balconies, flags and lots of street food stands in the main squares of each town or village. As the day draws to a close and night falls, look up to the sky for spectacular fireworks displays. Although a small country, the Maltese sure know how to put on a good fireworks display.

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Written on 14th June 2019 by

Nadene Chandler

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