Why Sicily is perfect for couples

If you were asked to think of a romantic getaway, just you and your partner, you’d probably be thinking of somewhere with colourful coastal villages and postcard-worthy sunsets. Are we right? Now, team that with a volcanic backdrop, crystal-clear waters and some of the best food and drink in the world, and you have Sicily – one of Europe’s most romantic and endearing destinations. And – with Valentine’s day coming up, where better to whisk your partner away to then this Italian island of love?

Picking the right resort

With plenty of towns and cities to choose from, finding your ideal spot on Sicily is easier than you think. We’ve done the leg work for you and rounded up some of the most popular resorts on the island with a little description of each. So, what are you looking for?

Palermo – busy capital city, steeped in plenty of culture and home to some of Sicily’s most intricate architecture.

Catania – Ancient port city with historic cathedral, located not far from the foot of Mount Etna.

Cefalu – Historic beachside town with a rustic feel.

Syracuse – Coastal city with Baroque architecture and large fortress.

Trapani – large crescent shaped beach backed by the famous Salt Road and salt pans.

Taormina – A hilltop town near the foot of Mount Etna with working ancient amphitheatre.

Sicilian must-sees

So, you’ve decided where you’re staying, now it’s time to fill that itinerary! We’ve pulled together our favourite romantic must-dos from all over the island. All you have to do is decide which ones you’re going to choose.

Visit the coast

Whether you’re staying in Cefalu on the north of the island, Trapani in the west or Syracuse in the south east, Sicily is not short of dramatic coastlines and picture-perfect beaches. Pebble or sand, lively or secluded – you name it, Sicily has it. Sicily’s main beaches are lined with amazing restaurants – so if you feel like a spot of lunch, there’s a huge choice. With the abundance of fishing ports and marine-rich waters, we recommend trying one of the many seafood restaurants for some of the tastiest and fresh Italian seafood around.

Explore the historic towns

With architectural influences dating as far back as the Ancient Roman times and heavy nuances from the Byzantine and Norman eras, the intricate and ornate buildings dotted across the island are something not to be missed. Take a stroll through the winding streets and meandering alleyways and you’ll be sure to stumble upon plenty of hidden gems.

Watch the sunrise up Mount Etna

For an unforgettable start to your day, take a sunrise tour up Mount Etna. Plenty of excursion companies will offer a great choice of packages, often picking you up from your hotel. Take a car up as far as you can then the rest is by foot! Hike up to the viewing platform and settle in for a truly spectacular sight. Watch as the sun rises over the horizon, illuminating the small towns with golden hues. Make it extra special by taking up a bottle of champagne to enjoy with the view.

Witness Stromboli’s eruptions

Stromboli is an active volcanic island lying just off the coast of Sicily. With three active craters and the Sciara del Fuoco, or ‘stream of fire’ at its peak, you’ll be treated to a lightshow like nothing you’ve seen before. There’s a number of great boat trips offering fantastic views of this bubbling volcano so you can enjoy the show from a safe distance!

Discover the old theatre ruins

Sicily has tonnes of ruins just waiting to be explored and, with some dating back to Ancient Roman times, it’s no surprise there are several stunning amphitheatres remaining to this day. There’s something romantic about strolling through the ruins of something that was once truly great. We recommend taking a trip to either Taormina or Syracuse, depending on where you are staying.

Take a vineyard tour

Discover Sicilian wine, the romantic way. Take a tour of a local vineyard, learn about the wine making process, stroll through the Instagram-worthy rows of grape vines and – of course – sample the produce! Oh, it’s warm and the views are fantastic! What could be better?

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Charlotte Havercroft

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