Who would have thought it? The Educational Value of Travel…

Many of us overlook the fact that all travel, including family holidays, can be educational!  By visiting new places, students, families and couples can gain first-hand and practical experiences of new people, places, and cultures.  This can help to encourage an interest in geography, world history, religion, wildlife, nature, environmental issues, art, and science.

Pyramids_MainFor instance, if you have booked your holidays in Egypt, why not plan an excursion to the pyramids? You will be astonished by these famous Ancient Egyptian landmarks – their sheer size is almost incomprehensible!  Taking a trip inside them is also great fun but not for the faint hearted.  Rumour has it that these ancient burial chambers are haunted.  Or did they have another use….  Perhaps for the worshipping of cats?!

There is great value in organising exhibitions and tours on family and mates holidays alike, as various topics become easier to understand when travelling.  Not only does travel broaden horizons, and teach us the value of manners, tolerance, and respect for other traditions, but personal experiences are more affecting and memorable.  For example, covering our arms when entering a place of worship is polite and proper in Middle Eastern cultures, as is donning a sarong when walking around a town.  Or simply learning a few chosen phrases to help you get around gives you a greater appreciation for the country.

Jellied EelsGoing abroad also opens your mind to new forms of cuisine.  When visiting Spain, for instance, it is impossible not to enjoy some paella, and food from India, Thailand, and Turkey is also vibrant and exciting.  Often, dinner times can provide some real trip highlights! The food you ate when abroad is often the basis of many conversations when you return from your travels.  That time you accidentally ordered cold black pudding off the menu in Majorca but actually enjoyed it or the time you were served a starter of jellied eels in Turkey – the horror on your mate’s face captured on camera forever!

As a generation, we’re incredibly lucky that travel has become so easy.  Meet you in Madrid, see you in Portugal.  Today, travel has become convenient and comfortable, with fast-moving trains, deluxe buses, metro railways, luxury steamers, ships, low-cost airlines, and many other means of travelling.  With transport and infrastructure improving and becoming more reliable, visiting new parts of the world is becoming easier.  Take advantage of travelling as often as possible and really explore any cultural sites.

So, if you are going on an exciting summer holiday this year, let us know if you need help or advice when it comes travelling around or getting ideas on where to take the kids during the day.  Or if you really want to order your mates a scary looking three course meal, let us know.  Mum’s the word….

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