Where’s best for street art spotting?

Fancy taking in some culture without stepping out of the sunshine? Don’t worry, there’s no need to traipse around a stuffy gallery when there’s art around every corner. You just need to know where to look. Made famous by Banksy, street art is a great way to literally appreciate the local colour when you’re on holiday.

Whether you take a guided tour or explore safely on your own, we bet there are plenty of works hidden in plain sight nearby. This kind of art is often socially conscious too, giving a ‘street level’ perspective on everything from the environment to celebrity culture. Interested? Read on to find out where’s best for street art spotting…

Lisbon in Portugal

Lisbon is lovely however you look at it; this seaside city has a rich history to draw from. And the local artists certainly deliver when it comes to urban art. In particular, the business district is a great place to start your search. This area is home to the Crono Project, an initiative from 2011 that saw the abandoned buildings here transformed into art installations. Although the project finished nearly a decade ago, many of the original exhibits remain. The fact that they’ve been embellished and added to over the years just adds to their intrigue, as far as we’re concerned.

Barcelona in Spain

In Barcelona, as all over the rest of the world, graffiti is a controversial issue. Does it damage the historic buildings, or add to their appeal? Whatever your opinion, you can’t argue that the artists are talented. Make your way to the Tres Ximeneies Urban Park for a place where street art is 100% legal and encouraged. This is the local hang-out for skater types and budding spray-paint wielders, and it’s definitely worth a wander if you’re a fan of urban art.

Orlando in Florida

The theme park capital of the world is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and a whole lot of street art. The Downtown area is especially great for walking tours and following your feet. Look out for the Migrating Murals especially; these were created to raise awareness of The Monarch Initiative, an organisation that aims to save the butterflies of the same name. This is a great example of how graffiti can be a powerful tool for awareness and change.

Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura holidays will usually see you landing at the airport near Puerto del Rosario and taking a transfer north or south to the popular beach resorts. However, if you get the chance to explore the capital of this Canary Island, we’d really recommend it. Not only does this seaside city offer a gorgeous beach and harbour, it also hosts some truly stunning pieces of street art. If you’re a superhero fan, keep an eye out for the mural of the Justice League that sees Wonder Woman, Batman and friends surveying the scenery from the side of a building.

Havana in Cuba

If you haven’t got the song stuck in your head already, we bet you will soon. And if you’d seen how pretty this city is, you’d be singing its praises too. Havana’s colourful buildings are the perfect backdrop to some truly stunning street art. Add in endless blue skies and some seriously striking sunsets, and it’s no wonder that the local artists have been inspired to use the cityscape as their canvas.

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Written on 13th November 2019 by

Jennifer Keery

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