We’d rather escape to the sun than save for retirement

If we could only afford one or the other, more than half of us would choose to save for a holiday rather than our retirement fund.

Apparently, only 38% of British workers save towards their pension, with Egypt being the only country to have fewer savers than the UK. Taiwan and India are the biggest savers with almost double the percentage of people saving towards their retirement fund, than those in the UK.

After a tough couple of years for the economy, many of us are concentrating on the immediate future and putting retirement to the back of our minds. With long working hours, holidays are often seen as a saving grace for many and a necessity that just can’t wait. There are loads of great deals this year to warmer destinations, so hopefully we may not need to choose between the two.

Are you saving or spending this year?

Written on 20th February 2013 by

Tanase Rivers

Brand manager & digital marketer, festival frequenter, beach holiday bum, free spirit and lover of Yorkshire puddings. Festivals in the sun are my fave :)

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