Watchdog: Delayed Flights, what you need to know…

In a recent Watchdog programme, airlines were featured alongside specific customers who had experienced delays with their flights.

Compensation can be sought directly from airlines if:

  • You’ve flown in or out of an EU airport
  • There was a 3 hour + delay
  • If the airline is at fault
  • The flight was within the last 6 years

Airlines are generally NOT at fault under circumstances like bad weather conditions or things beyond their control, i.e. a medical emergency. However, by 2015 only weather related delays will be exempt from claims.

You can research whether flights you’ve taken in the past were delayed here:

Whilst a high percentage of flights are on time, if you have experienced a delay it is often due to the airlines putting their passenger’s safety first. If you have experienced a delayed flight and would like to make a claim, we’d suggest that you contact the airline directly. If a claim is made via us (OTB) then we can of course pass this to the airline on your behalf, however going direct will reduce the time it takes for you to receive a response.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is also there to support customers who experience difficulties in claiming for justified compensation. You can find more information from the CAA here: –

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