Two families, two holidays

Holiday season is always an exciting time for families, when we can switch off from work and spend some quality time together in some much-needed sunshine.

If you’re travelling with older children, you might choose a resort with theme parks, water parks and bustling beaches, so that you can sit back and relax while they try their hand at new sports or terrifying water slides! Or, if your children are still young, you may want a quieter resort, where the beaches are less crowded and you can keep an eye on them building their first sandcastles.

Whichever you are, we’ve picked our favourite destinations for both:

Egypt for energetic teenagers

Egypt is packed with activities and sights, so provides the perfect balanced holiday for you and the kids. Take your pick from the following:

– Snorkel and scuba dive at the Ras Muhammed National Park or the Red Sea Coral Reef
– Escape to the white sand, lagoons and clear blue waters of Tiran Island
– Hike or climb your way to the top of Mount Sinai, then enjoy the spectacular sunset
– Sit by the pool – or spend your time splashing around in it – at the Aqua Blue Water Park
– Study the history and design of Alexandria’s Coptic Church
– Spend a night star gazing in the desert
– See how you get on go karting round the Ghibli Raceway
– Try out world-class restaurants and night shows around the musical dancing fountain at Cairo’s Mall of Arabia
– Take a desert safari by camel

Greece for quiet, sunny days

Greece is beautiful and has all sorts of destinations to choose from, whether you want to be tucked away among pretty whitewashed houses or in the middle of it all in bustling Athens. One of its most popular islands – the ‘Emerald Island’ of Lesbos – has plenty to offer young families:

– Paddle in the shallow waters of the beach in Kalloni
– Explore the restaurants and shops dotted along the village harbour in Kalloni
– Walk through the petrified forest, where the trees have been preserved by volcanic ash from Mount Ordymnos, 20m years ago
– Relax in the thermal springs around the island
– Look out across the 3km stretch of golden sand and clear water of Skala Eressos
– Wander around the jewellery shops, boutiques and art galleries of Molyvos and Mytelini


Written on 17th July 2013 by

Holly Shackleton

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