Tuscan Villas – Perfect for a Family Holiday

By Matt

Tuscany is one of the most celebrated regions of Italy. And deservedly so! Wonderful rolling hills surmounted by rustic stone Tuscan villas, patches of cultivated land alternating to woodlands and meadows, and art cities and towns rising in the middle of it all. Not to mention the splendid ski mountains, a gorgeous seaside with award winning sea waters, large national parks and natural reserves for all kinds of outdoor activities. Yes, Tuscany has it all, and it is perfect if you are travelling as a family.

In Tuscany you will find all sorts of attractions for adults and children, such as Saltalbero near Siena, or the thermal pools of one of the many natural spas of the region. Tuscany provides the perfect setting to recuperate some of the time you do not get to spend as a family during the year. A sightseeing tour, a hiking excursion, or a visit to a theme park are all wonderful ways to share some great family time while discovering one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

The most efficient way to visit the region is to rent one of the many gorgeous Tuscan villas in the region. These splendid stone-wall buildings are rustic and charming, offering all the comforts you need for your family holiday. Large spaces, modern amenities, lovingly furnished rooms and idyllic gardens with swimming pools make for the perfect nest where to return to after a sightseeing day trip. Some useful advice for first-timers to Tuscany is to avoid the see-it-all effect during your stay. You’ll just end up stressed and tired. Choose a villa in an area that offers most of the things you want to experience in Tuscany, and perhaps dedicate just one day to somewhere a bit further out. This way you will keep the whole family happy, and if you have kids, they will greatly appreciate shorter car trips.

Tuscany’s greatest characteristic is that its territory is relatively small and dense of points of interest and art cities. Florence an Siena are just one hour apart, and the beach is only two hours away. Pisa and Livorno are one hour from Florence, and the magic Maremma region with Grosseto is just one hour from Siena, as is the Etruscan city of Arezzo. Thanks to these logistic advantages, the region is easily explored from any Tuscan villa, even if you don’t want to rent a car and prefer to use public transportation.

There are many ways to have fun together as a family in Tuscany. Visiting museums might not be wise if you have young kids (although it depends on how well behaved they are!); you might be better opting for short visits. To combine a cultural visit with a fun experience, visit one of the many castles scattered around the region. Many are standing since the 10th century or before, and have been restored to splendid accommodation or museums. Others are in ruins and make great places to explore. Young children will have a blast at imagining the knights and battles fought there centuries ago. However, if castles are still too boring for your young ones, theme parks are the solution! Tuscany has several of them, including nice water and adventure parks immersed in nature.

To wrap things up, remember: select an area in Tuscany with the most things you would like to do, then select one of the many Tuscan villas on offer that area and enjoy your fantastic family holiday!

Matt is passionate about travelling to Italy, where he often rents Tuscan villas to spend his holidays.

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Lowri Rhys

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