Totally Beachin’ Accessories

As much as we’d like to be on holiday all year around… we can’t be. We’ve already sorted the workplace out with some Totally Beachin Office Gear for when we’re working hard on home-land. But what about the rest of the time?

These Totally Beachin’ Accessories are perfect for taking around with you any day of the week, come rain or shine.

Totally Beachin’ Makeup Bag

Found at Zazzle

You could put anything in it, really… it could be makeup, but it could also be jewellery, pens and pencils or even treats. It’s a handy zip-up pouch that can fit in your bag and brighten up your day.

Totally Beachin Makeup Bag

Totally Beachin’ iPad Case

Found at Zazzle

Everyone loves iPads nowadays. Keep your iPad protected in this Beachin’ case so you protect it from scratches or damages.

Totally Beachin iPad Case

Totally Beachin’ iPhone Case

Found at Etsy

The same goes for our phones. A study by Nokia revealed that we check our phones on average 150 times a day! You may as well make it look extra pretty; this iPhone case has the brightest beach scene going.

Totally Beachin' iPhone Case

Totally Beachin’ Bottle Opener

Found at Amazon

This is just really cute. It’s perfect for when you’re reaching for your first beer at the end of the week. Or better yet… the first beer of your beach holiday!

Totally Beachin Bottle Opener


Have you got some favourite Beachin’ Accessories to share with us?

Written on 16th November 2015 by

Kiran Flynn

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