Top three Greek Islands for food lovers

When we think of Greece we picture pretty beaches with secluded coves and turquoise waters, roads lined with lemon trees and olive groves and an abundance of great food and wine. It’s no surprise that people the world over flock to Greece to experience this one-of-a-kind cuisine. We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Greek Tourist Board to show you our top three Greek Islands for food lovers and showcased the islands’ best bites.


Calling all seafood lovers – Rhodian cuisine is packed with the freshest fish and most delicious seafood the Mediterranean has to offer. Combined with traditional Greek dishes, the cuisine here in Rhodes is unique and exciting. Think tender, grilled octopus with stuffed vine leaves and a fresh Greek salad. Or, for those who aren’t so into their seafood, the island also offers an amazing range of flavour-packed meat dishes, renowned cheeses and sticky-sweet puddings. We recommend trying the meliasti – feta cheese wrapped in pastry with honey and sesame or Rifaki – a dish of goat stuffed with rice. Life moves slow here, and restaurants and tavernas are often open (and still serving food) until midnight or later, making it the perfect place for a relaxing foodie holiday.


Santorini has long been a firm-favourite for celebrities and the travel-hungry alike. Famous for its white wash buildings and azure-blue domes, this island is a picture-perfect paradise. However, beyond the Instagram worthy views, you’ll discover a volcanic island famed for its capers, small tomatoes, sausages and most of all – its wine. Wineries here are blending ancient traditions with modern technology to create some of the best wines the Greek Islands have to offer. We recommend taking a tour or attending a wine tasting event at one of the many wineries that showcase this unique technique. Why not try the Venetsanos Winery or Estate Argyros to see what all the fuss is about.


The Cretan diet is diverse and rich in flavour. Food lovers will delight in the vast array of fresh produce and vibrant dishes. One of the island’s most abundant and exported products is the world-class olive oil they produce. Serving as living monuments of the Minoan Era, ancient olive trees sprawl across the landscape. Healthy, tasty and ever so traditionally Greek, olive oil is used in a lot of dishes here or simply enjoyed with fresh bread. Food varies from place to place here, reflecting the landscape and way of life in its respective areas. Hit the coast and you’ll find some amazing seafood dishes but move inland and you’ll discover more meat and vegetable delicacies. Our recommendations for this beautiful island include braised rooster, lamb with speciality pasta and Eftazymo – a bread made with chick peas, olive oil, bay leaves and cinnamon.


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Charlotte Havercroft

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