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Widely renowned as the glittering jewel of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is synonymous with wealth, glitz and glamour. Extravagant hotels and chic bars line the shore and there is definitely an air of affluence here. Combine fantastic food with enviable sights and great weather and you’ve got one of the world’s most Instagramable destinations. So to help you see if Dubai is for you we’ve pulled our top seven Instagram posts proving Dubai is not one to be missed.

The Burj Khalifa


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Inspired by the spider lily flower, the Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s tallest building at 828m tall, with a whopping 160 floors. Take a visit to one of the three observation decks and you are greeted with an unrivalled view over the Dubai skyline, Dubai fountain and the lakes of Downtown Dubai.

Dubai souks

Venture away from the perfectly laid out and air conditioned shops, and you will experience a taste of the real Dubai. Full of charm and rich in culture, the many Dubai markets, known as souks,  will have you staring in amazement as you wander past stall after stall of intricate trinkets, handmade gold jewellery and bags of spices.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

What better way to see the magnificent creatures that inhabit our oceans than in a shopping mall. Yes you heard that right – in a shopping mall. Not only is the Dubai Mall one of the largest shopping precincts in the world but it also houses a hotel, marina and a large underwater zoo.

The food

The cuisine in Dubai is a visual feast. Brightly coloured and packed with flavour, the food here is anything but average. Large spreads are the norm and usually consist of a mixture of small dishes such as falafel, halloumi, hummous and more. If ever there was a reason to visit Dubai – this is it!

Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a yearly installation of approximately 100 million flowers, making it the world’s largest display. The gardens cover approximately 72,000m2 and encompass exhibitions such as a butterfly garden and world-record-breaking flower structures. This is definitely one of the most Instagram-worthy photo opportunities in Dubai.

The Palm

The Palm is one of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks. A remarkable man-made island housing thousands of homes, world-class restaurants and, of course, the famous Atlantis the Palm Hotel.  To get a true view of this you really need to see if from above – so what better way than jumping out of a plane at 13,000ft. Can you brave it?

The beach

No visit to Dubai would be complete without a day at the beach. The shores here give you a chance to recuperate, a chance to rest and a chance to get away from busy city life. With crystal-clear waters, warm pale sands and a world-famous skyline acting as a backdrop, you can’t help but be in awe of this gorgeous city.

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