Top 5 proposal spots of 2021

All you need is love! Thinking of popping the question to your loved one in the near future? There are so many ways to make this life-changing moment a little extra special. We don’t know about you, but we think a holiday makes pretty much everything better. Sun-soaked skylines and shimmering shorelines are just the icing on the cake of your exciting couples holiday together. But where in the world should you choose? From grand and romantic proposal plans to simple, secluded gestures – we’ve picked out our top suggestions for anyone out there looking to take the plunge with their partner on their 2021 holiday.

Portugal – Azores

The far-flung Azores islands are a collection of miraculously green mountainous lands drifting in the shores of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Lake-filled calderas, dramatic forested mountains with vibrantly coloured green grass and peaceful fishing villages along the shores – this is a true Garden of Eden. And the best bit? These secluded islands are unbeknown to many, so if a secluded proposal in the presence of stunning scenery sounds up your street, the Azores might just be for you! We’d recommend Lagoa do Fogo, the view of this crisp, turquoise-coloured crater lake, suspended between the surrounding mountains is sure to take your breath away. Make your partners dream come true by opting for an all-natural proposal at the foot of the hill. It may be unique and simple, but this utopian paradise certainly has the wow factor.

Sicily – Taormina

The Italians are known for being true romantics, so it seems like an undoubtedly good option when it comes to the top places in the world to put a ring on it. Described by many as the language of love, Italian seems to delicately roll of the tongue, so it’s no wonder so many opt to whisk their lover off to this magical place and whisper Ti Amo whilst they’re soaking up the sunshine. Set the scene for a truly special day at the Villa Comunale, with birds singing sweetly from the fresh shady trees, pretty stone-built Italian structures and astonishing views of the sea from the picturesque viewpoint at top of the gardens gently sloping hill. This picture-perfect setting is certainly on our proposal wish list!

Croatia – Dubrovnik

The narrow cobbled streets of Dubrovnik form a maze of twisting alleyways, drenched in winding greenery that latches on to the brick walls and frosted streetlamps that light the pathways below. You can spend hours getting lost in this fairy-tale-like setting, admiring impressive ancient buildings and rusty-cobbled roofs below. This romantic city is also home to the Love Stories Museum, where you can discover a collection of beautiful real-life love stories from couples around the world. This heart-warming experience will leave you feeling buckets of love for all… and it’s a great pre-proposal warm up too! You’ll be spoilt for choice of places to pop the question in this stunning city. But, at the top of our list has to be the simple and serene Buža bars. These two quaint cliff-side bars perch delicately within the City Walls, offering panoramic views of the glittering blue Adriatic Sea below… dreamy right?

Nevada – Las Vegas

When it comes to proposals, we think it’s better to be unique and inventive, don’t just follow the crowd. Take a twist on the outdated Eiffel Tower proposal and mix it up with an extravagant Vegas-style twist. The bright lights of Vegas illuminate the Nevada desert skies and with all the exciting celebrations of the city ready and waiting, it’s easy to get into the feel-good spirit. Go laid-back and intimate with a gondola ride proposal at the Venetian, get down on one knee at the spectacular Bellagio Fountains show for a crowd-shocking spectacle or take it old school with a surprise at the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower – proposals are made easy in this romantic city!

Santorini – Oia

Sunsets. There’s something truly heart-touching about the changing colours that bring our skies to life as the sun sets low in the sky, with vivacious oranges, pinks and purples blending perfectly into one simply gorgeous backdrop. This world-famous event draws so many visitors who dream of getting a front-row seat to this jaw-dropping view. Pretty whitewashed buildings sit neatly in the cliffside, overlooking the brilliantly blue Aegean waters below. For a top-notch proposal, we’d recommend the Oia Castle. Time your trip in line with the sunset for that extra-special touch and wind down with a romantic Grecian dinner under the moonlight for a memorable end to a life-changing day.

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Written on 22nd January 2021 by

Holly Gregg

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