Top 10 holiday revelations

Ever had one of those moments of prefect clarity? The “oh, why didn’t I see this before” feeling? Well new research has found that these kinds of revelations are occurring more commonly when we are in fact on our holidays.

We all know what holidays are for… relaxing, fun and quality time. But according to a recent survey, holidays also allow us to have important realisations about our lives, away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle.

Everyone loves the idea of a romantic getaway, but the poll revealed that revelations about being unhappy in a relationship were one of the top things people have taken from their holidays. This came second only to being unhappy at work, with a whopping 36% saying that this was their main discovery whilst being away.

But it’s not all doom and gloom… more than half of the respondents said their relationship had improved while on holiday with them becoming even closer to their partner.

Unsurprisingly, 88% of those asked said they were ‘much happier’ when they were on holiday, compared to when they were back home, leading them to question what causes this unhappiness in the UK.

Take a look at what other epiphanies topped holidaymaker’s lists…


  1. Unhappy in job: 36%
  2. Unhappy in relationship: 21%
  3. Should see family more: 19%
  4. Drink too much: 11%
  5. Want to move abroad: 9%
  6. Need to lose weight: 8%
  7. Lucky in life: 7%
  8. Shouldn’t worry as much: 5%
  9. Want to start a family: 3%
  10. Need distance from certain friends: 2%

Have you ever had any holiday epiphanies? Have you ever done anything about them? Let us know in the comments!



Source: The Daily Mail

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