See what the Ruby Academy recruits are getting up to…

Having completed their third week at the Ruby Academy at On the Beach, the new recruits tell us their thoughts on the first few weeks and their expectations so far…


Michael Hibbs

“We’ve been going over various testing techniques and object-oriented design practices. We have also been going through exercises within groups, which has been a good chance to practice pair-programming.

Yes, in some ways the Ruby Academy has been more than I expected…”


Sean Kenny

(Studied Physics at the University of Manchester)

“We’ve spent the last few weeks getting more comfortable with the Ruby language and testing best practices.

For the most part, it’s been what I expected. It’s really firmed up concepts which I knew about from my previous job into a ruby context.”


Szymon Wlochowski

(Studied Graphics and Animation at Robert Gordon University Aberdeen)

“We have just started working on the final project, but before that we had been doing a lot of testing and pair programming. Each of us also gave a presentation about a given topic, related to programming, in front of the whole group and a few senior developers.

The academy seems to cover a great range of areas and leaves us with plenty of homework to keep us busy during the self-learning days. It is a great opportunity to gain knowledge.”


Miri Kim

(Studied Maths and Computer Science at Uni of California and Niigata University Japan)

“The first week was focused on learning Ruby’s basic syntax and Test Driven Development using RSpec and practicing programming in a pair or a group, and using Git. And then, during the second week, we tried some projects which integrates what we learned so far and motivates us to know more advanced concepts about Ruby and OOP.

Yes it is what I expected! I’m learning a lot every day, and am really enjoying the training. We’ve got a lot of work to do and homework is really challenging. But it’s still very fun. I’m looking forward to the next weeks.”


Kevin Mulhern

(Studied Computer Science at University of Ulster)

“We have been learning about all aspects of ruby and Test Driven Development over the past two weeks. With classroom group exercises like pair programming and mob programming as well as homework exercises to work through outside of class.

It is what I expected and more, I have never done any pair programming before the academy so I was unsure of what that would be like. I have learnt so much from pairing with other people in the academy, by discussing programming concepts and watching how they approach and solve problems.


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Written on 12th October 2015 by

Kiran Flynn

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