Things to do in Dubai

Dubai’s magnificent buildings, lavish lifestyle and gold-plated everything is what attracts the holidaygoers year after year, but what is there to do in the city of glitz and glamour? From must-see attractions to swimming with sea life, fill your unforgettable trip with unforgettable activities with our list of top things to do in Dubai.



The Dubai Fountain 
Situated in the centre of downtown Dubai, The Dubai Fountain is the largest choreographed fountain in the world. Its performances are filled with talent and will leave you mesmerised for the rest of your trip.

Burj Khalifa 
The tallest manmade structure on earth, at 1,821 feet, this incredible building is the epitome of extra. Admire the breath-taking views and snap the perfect photograph, but make sure to pre-book to avoid any disappointment.

Boat Tours 
From speedboat tours to luxury dinner cruises, see the unobstructed sights of the big city with the wind through your hair. With a great range of tours to choose from, you can experience the coast of Dubai whichever way floats your boat.

Desert Tours 
Explore the red dunes of the UAE in a 4×4 with the opportunity to take part in exciting activities. From henna painting to camel rides, experience life in the desert – a memory sure to stick with you forever.


Dubai Souks
Take a break from the five-star side of Dubai we all know and love, and visit the city’s souks. The fabulously original markets still show the extravagance of the city through rich perfumes, fresh spices and ornate pieces.

Bottomless Brunch
Food lovers… unite! There are plenty of places to brunch in Dubai, but Bubbalicious at The Westin Dubai is one of the best. Spend your Friday sampling an array of fine cuisine, catering to all tastes and leaving you feeling as if you have travelled the globe through this sensationally tasty culinary experience.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Marvel in the sea life and educate yourself in the United Arab Emirates’ night creatures. As well as great day out for families, the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo also offers scuba diving courses and shark feeding experiences!

Dubai Mall
Lavish brands and a grand range of eateries, the Dubai Mall is the place to be for a spot of luxurious retail therapy and delightful dining. Even if you’re not looking to make any plush purchases, there are entertainment facilities located in the mall, making for a lovely day out.

Duabai mall

Indoor Skydiving
Tick another activity off your list at iFly Dubai, the ultimate indoor skydiving adventure. Holding the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel reaching a jaw-dropping 10 metres tall, you are sure to be taken for a ride in the safety of the indoors.

Aquaventure Waterpark and Dolphin Bay
Situated at the fantastic Atlantis The Palm hotel, the Aquaventure Waterpark features record-breaking slides, rides and fun features. The aqua park is perfect for water babies and adrenaline seekers, a sure hit for some splashtastic family fun. More aqua adventures await at the Dolphin Bay, where you can interact and swim with the friendly, finned creatures.

Hub Zero
A palace of entertainment, Hub Zero has a plethora of games, rides and interactive activities to create a fantastically fun time for the whole family. With arcades, rides and virtual reality experiences, a day of laughs and excitement is sure to be had for everyone.


Dubai Beach

Jumeirah Beach
White sands and a laid-back atmosphere, Jumeirah Beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunshine. With views of the magnificent Burj Al Arab and the stunning coastline, it is a great opportunity to get that winning Dubai Instagram snap.

Kite Beach
Water sports lovers will definitely appreciate Kite Beach, where kitesurfing, paddleboarding and wakeboarding can be taken part in. If you prefer to stay on dry land, beach volleyball is usually a top hit with the beachgoers or you can simply find yourself mesmerised by the skilled surfers and boarders.

Sunset Beach
A calmer spot of shore, the Sunset Beach is a popular choice for those wanting to unwind with a view.  A lovely spot to spend the day, but make sure to stay until the evening and watch the dazzling sunset over the Arabian Gulf’s horizon.

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Catherine Tansey

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