The Ruby Academy at On the Beach – FAQs

Calling all aspiring Ruby Developers!

We have just finished recruiting for our Ruby Academy 2015… but read on if you’re interested in starting a career in development at On the Beach…

Every year, we seek passionate techies who have a keen interest in development and a good working knowledge of Ruby (or other equivalent languages) to join The Ruby Academy at On the Beach.

What is the Ruby Academy at On the Beach?

The Ruby Academy is a 5 week training programme, starting in mid-September which leads into a permanent Ruby Development position at On the Beach.  You’ll be supported by a talented team throughout your ongoing career journey with us…
Team and Independent Work at The Ruby Academy - On the BeachWhat will I learn about on the course?

First and foremost you’ll get to grips with Ruby as a language, and using it on Rails system that we use here at On the Beach. Some more specific examples include learning about the Ruby language syntax, Ruby tooling ecosystems, TDD/BDD with RSpec and Cucumber and much, much more.

What form will the training be in?

Classroom training and homework. There will be plenty of Pair Programming where you work with a more experienced Ruby Developer on a problem together. The Ruby Academy is what we call the 5 week intensive classroom training component of your time with On the Beach as a Ruby Developer, although the learning continues on the job after the Academy ends.

The Ruby Academy at On the Beach - key programs
What do I need to apply?

You don’t have to be a Computer Science graduate to apply… but it helps. We’re looking for individuals with skills in a technical development language of some sort, such as Java or C++ … whether or not this was learned at university. We’re just as keen to hear from self-taught developers. As long as you have a keen, demonstrable interest in pursuing a career in Ruby Development and can learn new skills effectively we want to hear from you! (Note: applications for 2015 are now closed, keep your eyes peeled on our jobs page for when 2016 applications will open)

How do I apply?

First off, send a CV and a covering letter to

If successful, our very friendly Talent Acquisition Manager will arrange a call with you to answer any of questions you may have and also find out a little bit more about you.

Next comes the fun part… to make sure that you have the technical know-how, we will send you a code test where we ask you to solve a problem. If you solve the code problem, you’ll then be invited for an interview –  the last stage of application.

Applying to The Ruby Academy at On the BeachWhat’s it like working at On the Beach?

On the Beach has a great team culture. You can expect us to invest time, resources and training in you to aid your On the Beach career growth. For example, every Friday afternoon you’ll get time to work on your own, personal research and development projects. Developers specialising in all sorts of areas and backgrounds often work together and continually inform one-another making for a great collaborative culture.

There is always an abundance of cake or other treats, table football, Xbox tournaments and all-round banter.

What sort of progression can I expect?

Everyone enrolled on the Ruby Academy automatically progresses into a full time Ruby Dev position after successful completion of the training. After this, there are so many open doors for your progression in multiple directions in development including Ruby, front end, testing, and server side to name a few.

Play Pool at The Ruby Academy at On the BeachWhat sort of benefits can I expect from working as a Ruby Dev at On the Beach?

You’ll be salaried from day 1 and will be within an ongoing, supportive learning environment. On the Beach are also proud to have won the judges overall award for excellence at the 2014 Northern Technology Awards… So you’ll be among the best techies in the industry working on truly unique, forward-thinking innovations!

Where will the training take place?

At the On the Beach headquarters based in Cheadle. Find more information on our whereabouts here.

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Kiran Flynn


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