The making of our beachin’ TV advert


**If you’re looking for our very latest TV advert, you can see it here. Or if you’d like to know about our experiences making it, keep your eyes peeled for an article coming very soon…**


We had an amazing time filming our ad in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. The weather was brilliant and the location was beautiful! We wanted to share with you some exclusive behind the scenes footage to show you how we got on…

With interviews from our Marketing Director, Alistair Daly, Brand Manager, Tanase Rivers and agency CheethamBellJWT Creative Director, Andy Cheetham, we hope the film gives you an insight into On the Beach and what ‘totally beachin’ holidays’ means to us.

We chose actor Kevin Mathurin because he was cool, fun and put a smile on our faces, and we hope this comes across in our final ad. We think he did a fabulous job!

The ad was filmed at the beautiful Grandes Playa’s Corralejo Beach, just one of the great locations on offer to our customers.

Behind the Scenes: Totally Beachin' Holidays Advert

Throughout the day the Chief production team were great, immediately understanding On the Beach, and knew exactly what we wanted to achieve in our very first television ad. We were both nervous and excited on the day, but filming could not have run smoother and we’re really proud of the end result of our beachin’ TV advert.

We hope you enjoy gaining an insight into the making of our ad. Check out our Totally Beachin’ Holidays TV ad now!


Written on 26th December 2013 by

Tanase Rivers

Brand manager & digital marketer, festival frequenter, beach holiday bum, free spirit and lover of Yorkshire puddings. Festivals in the sun are my fave :)


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