The Hoppy Holidaymaker’s Guide to International Beer Day

As Homer once said, “Alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems”. That’s Homer Simpson by the way- not the epic poet from Ancient Greece. Sorry for any confusion. But even back in those days, even as far back the OG Homer himself, we’ve taken pleasure in cracking open a cool one with the boys. And, with beer brewing booming all around the world, we’ve put together a few of our favourite beers from our top vacation destinations to celebrate International Beer Day in style.


Perfectly nestled between Italy and the African coast, and playing host to dozens of different peoples and cultures over its years, Maltese beers offer a huge range of flavours with influences from all over. So, whether you’re treating yourself to a locally produced microbrew or sampling the most popular beers on tap, Malta is an island just full of hoppy surprises.

Average price of a pint: £1.88

Malta’s favourite brew: Cisk, a golden lager with rich hoppy scents and a nice bitter taste.

Our brew of choice:  67 IPA, a light IPA with floral aromas, caramel tastes, and a crisp finish.


Say ¡olé! to the world of Mexican beers! Having taken to brewing like fish to water, the sheer selection of beers on offer in Mexico can be quite intimidating for a newcomer. Favouring ice-cold lager-style beers, the best way to enjoy your sun-soaked sipping is straight from the fridge in a bottle (medias), just like the hop happy locals.

Average price of a pint: £0.95

Mexico’s favourite brew: Modelo Negra, a Munich Dunkel-style lager with caramel hints and a smooth finish.

Our brew of choice:  Insurgente La Lupulosa, a hoppy IPA boasting honey, spice, pine, and citrus.


The rain in Spain may mostly fall on its plains, but elsewhere the weather is muy caliente, leading our Spanish friends to prefer their froth-topped delights freezing cold. Enjoying a penchant for light lagers like the world-famous San Miguel and Estrella, Spanish brewers don’t pull their punches if you’re looking for something a bit harder either, like the refreshing Alhambra range, born and brewed in Granada.

Average price of a pint: £1.75

Spain’s favourite brew: Ambar Especial, a mild aromatic lager with a delightfully bitter finish.

Our brew of choice: Petrolaco, a creamy imperial stout with delicious hints of vanilla and cocoa.


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While Turkey might not be the first country that springs to mind when talking about beers, you’d be forgiven for your mistake. Popular with locals and holidaymakers alike, there are plenty of tipples to taste while you bake under the Turkish sun. The only thing you’ll need to remember is to keep it nice and chilly while being served by a tall, dark, and handsome Turkish hunk, got it?

Average price of a pint: £2.18

Turkey’s favourite brew: Efes, a golden pilsner with a light body and flavours of citrus and honey.

Our brew of choice: Selanik 81, a malty doppelbock boasting notes of caramel and toffee.


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Throwing back to the days of Prohibition (but without any of the illegal stuff) home brewing and speakeasies are well and truly back in fashion over in the states. Seen as a welcome foil to the mass produced beer culture (we’re looking at you, Budweiser), the independent hipster brew is, hopefully, here to stay.

Average price of a pint: £2.70

USA’s favourite brew: Bud Light, a light beer with subtle hints of fruit and citrus.

Our brew of choice: Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout, a barrel aged stout with hints of chocolate, maple, and coffee.


None of these catching your eye? Try to find your new favourite beer in one of our other destinations

Written on 3rd August 2018 by

Kirsty Sidley

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