Airport watch: The 5 types of people you see at the airport

Waiting at the airport is the perfect time for people watching. Observing the different ages, clothes, groups and wondering where they’re jetting off to. As the peak holiday season approaches, we have put together a brief guide of the 5 types of people you see at the airport…

The lads on tour

An interesting species, can be heard from afar, usually chanting or laughing in synchrony. The typical group of lads can be found at the airport bar, pint in hand. Some may have “Big Dave’s Stag Do” printed on their t-shirt, others may be in a vest and shorts even though it’s only 7 degrees outside. If you’re fortunate enough, you can spot the alpha male in some form of costume, providing entertainment and amusement to the rest of the pack. All together now “LADS LADS LADS”. 

The glam squad

The one group whose natural instinct is not for comfort, but for looking fabulous. The glam squad can usually be spotted by their six-inch heels, but under further inspection you will notice their hair, nails and make up are all on point. The original queen of glam Victoria Beckham would be proud of their oversized sunglasses, perched perfectly on top of their heads. You can typically find this fascinating group with their designer luggage in one hand and prosecco glass in the other. More often than not, one of the gang will be documenting the beginning of their ‘girly getaway’ on their Instagram.

The rushing family

Unbrushed hair, inside-out jumper and a concerned expression on her face, the mother of the rushing family may not stand out in the crowd but is certainly an inspiring character to observe. She has most likely been up since 3am, making sure the rest of the family have everything they need, but still seems to have a run in her step as she drags the oversized suitcase through the crowds whilst clutching on for dear life to her child’s favourite teddy bear. The father is a brave member of the pack, as he wanders through the bustling terminal with passports, money and tickets hanging out of his jeans’ back pocket, all because little Billy wanted a piggy back ride. Young Poppy may look adorable in her sun hat and flowery ensemble, but watch out for her as she explores the unfamiliar surroundings of the airport, crashing into whatever crosses her path.

The retired couple

The airport experts, who have most likely been on holiday more times than you can count. Sat peacefully reading a book, the female can be spotted with her shin length linen trousers, pastel blouse and brown leather sandals – classic and comfortable. Guarding their precious historic wheel-less suitcases, the male may already be in his beige cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirt (made breathable with the top button undone) ready for their second trip to the Caribbean this year. Remember to be vigilant, as there is a strong possibility you may also witness the famous combination of socks and sandals. Don’t be fooled by the retired couple. They may seem sensible and quiet beings, but no matter their age, their holidays keep them wild at heart.

The one who went over their luggage allowance

A rare species which most would think is extinct, but no, there is still a small community of over-packers left. If you are lucky enough to have the honour of spotting this endangered being, the memory will last with you for a lifetime. There are many tell-tale signs that someone has gone over their luggage allowance, but the most common giveaway is their outfit. Look out for chunky shoes, doubled up socks and shorts over jeans, these items are all on the heavier side so are crucially removed for the case. Their top half most likely has a vest, t-shirt, jumper, light jacket and puffer coat on (dependant on where they are going), or simply put, as many layers as physically possible. Due to both bag packing issues and embarrassment, they will also make themselves unrecognisable with sunglasses and a hat on, sometime two hats in severe cases.


How many of these people have you spotted at the airport? Let us know in the comments below… 

Written on 25th May 2018 by

Catherine Tansey

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