That holiday feeling as told by The Apprentice

The gloves are off, the suits are sharpened, and the ridiculous team names have been chosen (shout out to Team Decadence!) it can only mean one thing; The Apprentice is back! And, while Alan Sugar may be practicing his best firing pose, the only pose we’re interested in is what will get us the best tan. So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a holiday journey like never before… your holiday as told by The Apprentice.

When you finally book that holiday you’ve been eyeing up for a while

When you’re half dead and still not packed at 3 in the morning but your taxi to the airport has arrived

When you know it’s fake but that €7 “Louis Vuitton” handbag from the beach seller is looking mighty tempting

When it’s only 1PM and that one friend’s already on their 5th tequila of the day

When you’ve flown hundreds of miles away from home but the only thing on your mind is a massive fry up

When your mate is chatting absolute sh*t to the “fit bird from Manchester” he met on the strip

When there’s a certified cutie pie working at the hotel and your thirstiness gets released

When you manage to bag BOGOF boat party tickets

When it’s your first day back at work and you’re trying not to have 33 mental breakdowns in the span of 2 hours


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Written on 9th October 2018 by

Kirsty Sidley

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